Private Site

Private Site

Create a private site for your customers 

Easily create a password-protected storefront that only lets authorized customers view your site. Powerful tools give you fine-grained control over site restriction:   Hi 

  • Approved customers need an account to access any part of your site
  • Anyone can view your site, but only approved customers can checkout
  • Anyone can view your site but only pricing and checkout is accessible to approved customers, and more
Restrict Access

Restrict Access

Restrict access to categories and products

Category and product access restriction give you another layer of control over the information a customer can see. Based on customer groups, you can hide:

  • Entire categories, pricing in a category or add to cart functionality for that category
  • Products, product pricing, add to cart or access to a product details page

Along with private site functionality, Redefine Solutions gives merchants far more control over access to their site and content than any other eCommerce platform.

Account Approval

Account Approval

Advanced account registration and approval

Redefine Solutions’s account registration features give you a variety of ways to configure your account creation and approval process, eliminating paperwork and hassles:

  • Create a unique registration form for your customers groups
  • Include custom fields like Tax ID
  • Pick from workflows to approve accounts automatically or manually
  • Send automated emails when an account is pending approval and once approved
Individualized Pricing
Individualized Pricing
Individualized pricing with customer groups

Our Access Restrictions capability also ties seamlessly with our Customer Groups feature, allowing for more complex catalog scenarios like:

  • Pricing and tiered pricing by Customer Group
  • Promotions for certain groups
  • Personalized pricing only available when logged in
Separate Login
Separate Login
A private store that opens new possibilities
Save time and improve inventory accuracy of your business. Redefine Solutions's barcode inventory system is compatible with leading barcode scanners making it ideal for small businesses as well and large enterprises managing multiple warehouses.
Protected Store Data
  • Require login to view pricing for general public or unauthorized customers
  • Require global store passwords to hide areas
  • Redirect customer to assigned store or catalog based on customer association type
  • Log all visitors, IP's, and account entries for security monitoring
Approval Workflow
Approval Workflow
Add custom workflows to your store

Approve or deny purchasing on an order by order basis. With the managing of sub-accounts and user roles, customers can also set up their own purchasing approval workflows. Purchasers can build and create orders and submit them for approval by the company account administrator.

Territory Management
Territory Management
assign customer accounts to sales territories and reps

Redefine Solutions’s territory management functionality lets you assign customer accounts to sales territories and reps.

This is critical for sales teams where individual reps should not see each other’s customers or orders, and where only customer service or sales managers should have complete visibility of customers and order activity.

Territory management ensures that each Redefine Solutions user only sees the customer and order information that's most relevant to them. It also allows sales managers to report on the performance of their country, region, or specific sales reps.

You can create user groups, assign customers to specific reps, and add and remove reps based on your staff changes all from the Redefine Solutions's website.

Enterprise Level Security
Enterprise Level Security
Ensure your site is safe and compliant
Enterprise Level Security & Compliance
  • All hosted online stores come with a certificate of authenticity of PCI standards
  • Cloudflare hosted CDN with DDOS mitigation and security to protect against attacks
  • Frequent software updates and scans to each online store hosted
  • High server uptime and on-call monitoring available 24/7
Access Restrictions
Our Access Restrictions core modules gives you powerful results with simple and intuitive features.
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Enterprise Content Management System
Enterprise CMS
Develop engaging, personalized experiences across any device with a next-generation headless Content Management System.
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Omnichannel Inventory Management
Omnichannel Inventory Management
Get control of your inventory, manage multiple warehouses, pick pack and ship and get bottom line financials.
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NAV Implementation & Enhancement
NAV Implementation & Enhancement
Connect your eCommerce store with
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
& consolidate multiple systems into a single.
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