Custom Catalog Builder

Custom Catalog Builder

Easy and intuitive Drag and Drop, Catalog Builder
Easy to Use
Drag and drop or click to add products and/or marketing collateral
Custom Design Layout
We work closely with your catalog team to emulate the design of existing printed workbook
Generate Closeout and In-Season Books
Rather than flipping through hundreds of pages of products your client does not buy, provide them with a catalog specific to their purchase history and/or particular needs
Brand And Lifestyle Images
Tell those compelling stories you use in the printed version of your workbook here
On-Demand Print

On-Demand Print

Reduce Printing, shipping and production costs 
Print Smarter
Up to the minute accurate digital workbook, no need for massive print runs
Eliminate Production Time
Leverage Elastics pixel-perfect print production, nightly or on-demand
Build Compelling Marketing Material
With Redefine Solutions producing your dealer books, creative resources can actually be creative again
Gain True ROI
Printing costs, shipping costs, production costs, sample reduction are all benefits are incredible client roster currently enjoy.
Create Product Lines

Create Product Lines

Emulate the traditional experience of showing the line
View The Line
Emulate the traditional experience of showing the line, with full screen/high-resolution images
Filter By Category
Allow buyer and rep to quickly access what they want to
Easily organizes products you like by one simple click of the button
Order What you Favorited
Order view will default with the products you liked. From there you can begin to add quantities and commit to purchasing; or remove and rethink
Build an Assortment
Build an Assortment
Filter Products Quickly to Create an assortment
Cross Platform
Works on both PC’s & Mac’s with an international CMS built-in
Simple Navigation
Makes it easy to use
Advanced Filtering
Allows the user to find products quickly by gender, category, item, line type
Drag & Drop
No technical skill required
Instant Product Details
Instant Product Details
Instantly See all Product Details, and Inventory Reports from the Catalog
Product Detail
Review all specs and technologies associated with each style
Alternate Views
Side, back, lifestyle shots, video, utilize this real estate to further market your brand
Nothing & Ratings
Note specific features and rate products for quick filter search and review; capture buyer ratings
Real-Time Inventory
Sync platform to show what’s available now, and if not now, when it will be
Price CUstom Catalog
Print only what’s specific to your order
White boarding
White boarding
Go from Brainstorming to Creating an order Instantly
Sell Theough
Better merchandising lines have better sell through
“What If”
Allows your retailer and rep to play “what if I did it this way?...” to actually see what they have ordered
Filtering & Collaborate
Reps & retailers can create orders before submitting via the online tool
One Tool
The same tool that the order is presented and ordered with, is the same one that creates the exceptional follow-up view
rapid order creation
rapid order creation
add quantities and commit to purchasing, or remove and rethink
Customizable Layout
Creates the look and feel specific to your brand and item options
Aumoted Quantities
Can be added for quick entry (inherent size runs)
Easily organizes products you like by one simple click of the button
Order What You Favorited
Order view will default with products you liked. From there you can begin to add quantities and commit to purchasing; or remove and rethink
Instant purchase
Instant purchase 
Empower your Sale Team to Sell Directly from the Catalog Instantly
Unique Order Types
Can easily handle multiple ship dates or orders by product type
Dealer to rep (for approval), or rep to ERP
Reps can export orders to collaborate with retailers in both PDF or CSV (EXCEL) format
Quick Order Review
Breaks down your order by gender, units, color, total spend, providing a report of your order in progress
Summarize All
See what you’re creating by individual tab/order, or all tabs at once
Report From ERP
Link to your back end ERP system to showcase more brand-specific reports
B2B Catalogs
Our B2B Catalogs core modules gives you powerful results with simple and intuitive features.
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Enterprise Content Management System
Enterprise Cms
Develop engaging, personalized experiences across any device with a next-generation headless Content Management System.
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Omnichannel Inventory Management
Omnichannel Inventory Management
Get control of your inventory, manage multiple warehouses, pick pack and ship and get bottom line financials.
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NAV Implementation & Enhancement
NAV Implementation & Enhancement
Connect your eCommerce store with
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
& consolidate multiple systems into a single.
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