Quote Building

Quote Building

You can build converting quotes, fast and easy

Allow your customers to build quotes in a variety of different ways based on their comfort level with technology.

  • Customers can Build Their Own Order Quotes - whether they’re a guest or registered user. The simple add to quote button allows for quick and easy orders; the customers can create themselves.
  • Your Sales Team - can create quick quotes while discussing products with customers and create a collaborative proposal as to what the customer wants.
  • You as a Merchant - can even build a quote on behalf of a customer and then send them the invoice and proposal.
Quote Management

Quote to order

Manage Every aspect of your Quotes

Powerful tools help you both process wholesale sales quotes and help customers when they’re ready to buy:

  • Customize pricing on products and shipping
  • Review pending quotes to see who has not answered
  • Send out reminders to ensure customers act on their quotes
  • Convert quotes to orders on behalf of customers
  • Send Quote to Your ERP send nav quotes directly to Microsoft Nav or Dynamics 365 

Edit Quotes

Edit Quotes

Make changes to Quotes fast and easy even after submission 

After submitting a quote for review, you and your customer have complete flexibility in managing the quote: 

  • Customers can edit the quote with updated item requests, customized quantities, shipping information updates and more
  • Merchants can submit pricing for approval, update quotes on a customers’ place such as items and quantities, and more
  • Both you and your customer can leave comments for review
  • Customers can revise and re-submit a quote after receiving pricing if they need to make changes
Custom Expedite Options
Custom Expedite Options
Maximize Potential Revenue On Every Order With Custom Markups

Gain higher profitability on every single order as well as keeping customers happy. By allowing customers to choose between speed or cost. Set expedited prices per part or quote. Expedited options can enable your store to account for busy times, offer unique discounts for low priority orders, or create a new revenue stream for your business. By adding markups to each product, you capture more revenue on every single order by offering multiple lead-times.

Standardized Quotes
Standardized Quotes
Focus On Getting Quotes Out The Door, Not On Data Entry

Have your sales team focus on what’s essential — getting orders out the door instead of focusing on data entry. Our software helps you create custom request forms, which ensure that your sales team are collecting the correct information from the very beginning of the sales process — preventing them from chasing or entering data and instead allowing them to concentrate on closing the sale.

Interactive Quotes
Interactive Quotes
Give You customer quotes you just created for them

Our interactive quote module allows you to send a fully personalized quote to every single buyer. Your buyer receives an email with a link to an online version of the quote. You have created just for them. Perfect for situations where you are unable to meet in person. With one single click, they can both review, and accept a quote.

Guided Selling
Guided Selling
Give your sales team A roadmap To making the sale every time

Our system gives salespeople the critical information they need about customers so they can make intelligent sales decisions every single day. Our customer reports module provides real-time customer sales data and customer information. The reports compare both current and past performance and are easily filterable so your sales team can find information and take fast action. Access to this information about customers allows your sales team to prioritize which conversations will lead to sales, as well as develop insightful ordering recommendations.

Request A Quote
request quotes
Accept and Deliver Custom Quote Requests on Your Website

Use your website as one of your best salespeople. Mark certain items in your store for a quote requesting and bulk pricing. Request simple quotes right from the product page or allow your customers to build out an entire cart for quoting. Our system allows you and your customer to track quote statuses as well as communicate and collaborate during the quoting process. Your sales team can offer custom prices and discounts without compromising your profit margin. Our system suggests discounts based on the custom criteria centralized throughout the company.

Request a Quote
Our Request a Quote core modules gives you powerful results with simple and intuitive features.
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