Account Privileges
Granular Permissions
Restrict and provide access to nearly every

ecommerce feature

It allows the admin to create an account privilege for eCommerce website. Admin can manage user level or when a user completes such required action like total purchase, newsletter signup, or referral their user level will change; based on user-level, their permission will change. When the user reaches a specified level, exclusive privileges will be added to their account.
Tax Manager

tax management

makes sales tax filing easier, faster, and less complicated 
Tax management is one of the critical parts of any business. It should be an accurate tax calculation, so the customer never feels overcharged or undercharged. Tax calculation is change based on state or zip code; some of the

eCommerce platforms

do not provide accurate tax calculation. We offer you a solution with third-party integration or by state wise tax setup.
Product Review Managers
Product Review platform
Get more reviews on autopilot, and showcase your reviews everywhere 
Product review platform allows a user to submit star-rating and customer review to the product. It opens a way for a user to engage with you. Excellent product review & ratings help to boost product sales.

Product review management

provides simple star-rating, rich comment, and photo-driven experience. User can sort and filter product reviews on the product page.
Employee Activity Tracker
Employee Activity Tracker
Get an accurate View of employees See Who's Working and Where‎
You can easily monitor all employee activity in the system. Monitor and Track all changes what your employee made. It allows you to see employee work and what time they spent.
Image Resizer
Bulk Image Resizer
Automatically resize and replace all your product photos, in one click
Worried for website images, here is the solution that allows you to resize all images in a quick time. You can improve user experience with the same size product images, that will enhance your store performance.
Order Approvals/ Order Spending Limits
Order Approvals & spending
Automate your day to day order tasks, and save time and money 
The order approval feature allows a company to set an account on your eCommerce website. Within this company account, they can set multiple users & their spending limits with approval processes. A company can establish multiple accounts with the approval process and allow their employee to purchase from your site within their spending limit & approval.
Phone Order Tracking System
Phone Order Tracking
understand the details behind every conversation to maximize results
Are you facing a hard time tracking phone orders? Unable to see, which paid campaign works and which not. We have a perfect solution for your worried; it tracks shopping cart with phone order attribute from paid campaigns. The ultimate goal is to provide you an accurate measurement which advertises campaign work and perform with better ROI.
Shop as Customer
Shop As Customer
Need to help a customer add products to their basket?
You can remotely share a cart session via the Shop As Customer feature. This feature allows you to browse your store as a registered customer. You can experience and understand your site from the customer’s view, enter phone or email address to order using customer account.
Real-time Analytics and Customer Heatmaps
Real-Time customer heatmaps
Turn Your Data Into Actionable, Visual Insights To Increase ROI
Monitor your site visitors in real-time. You can see site visitors movement and clicks with the help of heatmaps. This feature helps you to understand customer behavior and optimize your eCommerce store to improve conversion rate.
Promotion Manager
Promotion Manager
Manages multiple Campaigns from one central location
Allow you to create and manage multiple promotions for your eCommerce website. Campaigns can run automatically based on set dates, days, product selection, or any other rules set by you. You can set and manage promotional banner with one click, target customer by showing them what they are eligible and current deals. You can set and start coupon code promotion that works based on date and uses.
Block IP Addresses By Country
Traffic guard 
Block or Redirect Visitors based on their IP and geolocation
Blacklist IP addresses, block country, or a region where you do not want to sell products or services. It is a great feature to avoid spam or fake orders with malicious traffic.
Administrative Features
Our Administrative Features core modules gives you powerful results with simple and intuitive features.
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Enterprise Content Management System
Enterprise Cms
Develop engaging, personalized experiences across any device with a next-generation headless Content Management System.
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Omnichannel Inventory Management
Omnichannel Inventory Management
Get control of your inventory, manage multiple warehouses, pick pack and ship and get bottom line financials.
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NAV Implementation & Enhancement
NAV Implementation & Enhancement
Connect your eCommerce store with
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
& consolidate multiple systems into a single.
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