Synonym dictionary

Synonym Dictionary

Synonym Search is designed to enhance the search experience
You can train the Klevu search robot for the unique elements related to your store by providing custom keyword lists. Klevu automatically identifies these words and delivers the best results.
Self learning search

Self Learning Search

Accurate AI-driven search result saves your customers time
Klevu continuously learns how shoppers interact with a search on the store.
Actionable search insights

Actionable Search Insights

Get insight from analytics and detailed reports on search queries
Use a 360 degree analysis of search patterns to drive traffic.
Rich autocomplete
Rich Autocomplete
Reduce search time by displaying relevant products in autocomplete
Klevu automatically completes the search query by providing rich, insightful and intuitive suggestions. Autocomplete starts from the 1st character!
Personalized search
Personalized Search
Eliminate: "no results found" and wrong search results
It allows for the promotion of products that a customer has already interacted with, by promoting trending and recently viewed products to the customer when they click on the search box and activate the search function.
Trending searches
Trending Searches
Increase the sale of your Most Popular Products
Klevu prompts consumers with words from popular and recent searches, creating interaction with shoppers, and accelerating the buying process. Search starts without entering a single character.
Instant faceted search layout
Instant Faceted Search
More than your average search bar, filter your search results 
Klevu provides ready made alternative to autocomplete layout. It is possible to show instant results with navigation panel in quick search.
Dynamic filters
Dynamic Filters
Improve Findability With Dynamic Filters And Search Bars
Automatically creates all relevant filters in the search results. Filters allows shoppers to explore results in great detail.
Search History and Product History
Search History And Product History
Get in-depth search analytics on clicks and conversions
The Search and Product History functionality will keep a permanent record of all of a customer’s search queries and viewed products so that the user can be view them later. Users will have the ability to manage their search history and remove any items they do not want included in their history. This functionality allows the user to easily find products they have previously viewed or purchased and increases the overall usability of your site.
Content search
Content Search
content Search helps get the right answer to more people
Klevu can show non-product data in the search results. This could be anything from how-to guides to customer service pages and even a blog.
Responsive, Mobile first
Responsive, Mobile First
Search-as-You-Type with Real-Time Suggestions on any device
Shoppers very often research and search from their mobile devices prior to buying online or in-store. Klevu will make sure they get the right results from your store – driving them from search to purchase. Klevu search works on any device.
Search & Navigation
This widget automatically retrieves and displays a list of facets, such as the Brand, Price, and Color facets.
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Enterprise Content Management System
Enterprise Cms
Develop engaging, personalized experiences across any device with a next-generation headless Content Management System.
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Omnichannel Inventory Management
Omnichannel Inventory Management
Get control of your inventory, manage multiple warehouses, pick pack and ship and get bottom line financials.
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NAV Implementation & Enhancement
NAV Implementation & Enhancement
Connect your eCommerce store with
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
& consolidate multiple systems into a single.
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