Always Visible Sticky Cart
Sticky Cart
Ensure your Add-to-Cart is always 'Above the Fold'
Allow your customer to see all the time their shopping cart on the right top corner of the website. Always visible sticky cart is also known as “

Floating Shopping Cart

.” Users can instantly see and verify what they have in their cart and what is their running total.
Reserved Cart Timer Functionality
Reserved Cart Timer
Allow customers to hold the cart items for a while before checkout
Show a reverse countdown timer on shipping cart page to the buyers. Buyer can hold their cart for a specific time only; it means they have to complete the checkout process within showed time.
Pre-orders & sold out
pre-orders & sold-out
Prevent the loss of revenue due to sold-out products with pre-orders
Sometimes it may happen, when a customer is trying to checkout, they can see some of the product with sold-out notification in a cart. It is a great feature to show sold-out notification for cart items directly on the shopping cart. It helps to buyer, to place a pre-order for a sold-out item.
Persistent Shopping Cart

Persistent Shopping Cart

Remember customers' carts across their devices
Show your user that they have something in a cart, and for that have to do checkout. Redefine Solutions’s Persistent shopping cart feature keeps all items in a cart even though they logout from the website, or moved away. When users return to your website, they will see their cart with all items in it, what they left. It is a kind of reminder to the user to complete the checkout process.
Promotion Reminder
Promotion Reminder
Remind customers of coupon codes before checkout
It is a great way to show your customer, that you care for them and you want them to save money while ordering on the website. Show live promotion on the shopping cart page, and encourage them to complete the order. Just showing them live promotion, you are reducing cart abandon rate. Our feature allows your customer to apply the promotion to their cart with one click.
Quick Order Functionality
Quick Order
Let your customers submit a quick order in one click
Help your loyal customer to place their repetitive orders. Quick order feature helps your regular customers to place an order in a quick time; here, they do not have to go and check the product image and have to read product description. This feature helps your customer to save their time and place an order with a few clicks. This feature works better with repetitive bulk orders; it makes it so simple.
Recommended Products Popup
Recommended Products
Encourage upsells with Amazon-like Recommended Products 
Upsell products to your customers with recommended products feature. This feature shows recommended products in a popup; it triggered only when a user intends to leave the website after entering on the shipping cart page. It is possible to show on the order confirmation page as an individual section.
Return User Shopping Cart Reminder
Shopping Cart Reminder
add urgency to your cart with “your cart will expire soon” popups
Give a gentle reminder to your website user, that they still have some items in a cart. A popup or a dynamic header image that shows them what items they lastly added to their cart; and it can display a special promotional message too.
Sort Items in Your Cart
Sort Cart items
let your customer change the sort order of their cart, for easy review
The sort items in your cart functionality will allow users to sort the way items appear in their cart. This functionality is great for users who are checking out numerous items and want to review their cart for accuracy.
Round Up for Charity Functionality
Round-Up For Charity
Empower your customers to round up their checkout and donate 
The Round-Up for Charity functionality will modify the user’s shopping cart and checkout process to include a donate to charity option. When a user views their shopping cart or proceeds to checkout, they have the opportunity to select a charity of their choice and round up their cart total. The donation will automatically send to the chosen charity, and the user will continue the checkout process. By using your eCommerce site to support charities, you will generate a more positive image of your company, reduce abandoned cart rate, and increase sales.
Total Savings Calculator
Total Savings Calculator
Generate higher checkout rates by clearly showing total savings 
Simple and effective feature to show your customer what they are saving on a cart total based on the shopping cart with compared to MSRP. Improve the conversion rate by showing the user what a great deal they are getting.
Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart provides a user-friendly ecommerce shopping cart solution that allows merchants to easily accept credit cards online.
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