Theme Management

Theme Management

Create the look and feel of your site consistent with your brand
Redefine Solutions CMS comes with

CMS theme management

; hence, when you think about how a site "looks," you're probably thinking of the theme. The goal of a theme system is to let you change the look of the entire site all at once, on every page, while leaving the content intact. Even if your site has thousands of pages, you can change to a new theme quickly.
Drag Drop
Drag & Drop
Build your site visually without code, with

drag and Drop functionality

Redefine Solutions CMS drag and drop feature allows users to edit pages on the go and as they see them. No more switching back and forth between the admin panel and the page preview. Now everything’s in one place, and it takes only a mouse click to add/remove content on your website.

Content Visualizers

Content Visualizers

Pre-design and content blocks, to get your team up and running fast
Redefine Solutions

CMS Content Blocks

provides content authors with the ability to add multiple pre-configured 150+ content blocks to a document, in arbitrary order and combination. This allows for more flexible document types in which authors have the freedom to add and mix e.g., text, video and image blocks as they see fit.
Motion Effects
Motion Effects
Create an interactive design with the ability to add
custom animation

Redefine Solutions CMS allows you to set animation effect for each content block. The animation effect is a great way to guide the audience through a process, improve orientation, and provide feedback. That’s why more and more web designers and developers are making UI animation tools a part of their must-have collection.

Mobile Preview
Mobile Preview
Ensure your site is ready for any device - Mobile, Tablet or Desktop

Redefine Solutions CMS has the feature to view the page in a mobile view. So before publishing the page user can check and modify [if required] the page.

Block Customization
block customization
Custom edit each content block, to be a truly custom experience

With Redefine Solutions CMS, you have many options to customize the auto-generated output. For example, let's say you want to edit the look and feel of the home page or any inner page. The same user can manage through content block-wise CSS; a user can apply the necessary class and see the page in draft mode. If all good then the user can publish the page with a new style.

Global CSS
Global Design
Easily set your brand guidelines throughout the entire site

Redefine Solutions Global CSS gives you full control over the entire website UI/UX. Global CSS allows a user to modify the font style, color, size, padding one place. User can update global CSS as per need.

Draft & publish
Draft & publish
Preview and Publish compelling content fast and easy

Redefine Solutions CMS create new content or edit existing content; a draft version is automatically created. This is not publicly available on the website until actively published. Versioning is not used for drafts, which means that you and other editors can work on the same draft over time, but you still will have only one version of the draft.

Content Guidelines
Content Guidelines
Create Easy to follow guidelines for your entire team

Redefine Solutions CMS comes with "Inspiration" section; this section allows the user to add page related inspiration. User can add Keywords, Design related Instructions, or URL's if any. This will stop rework for multi-team culture.


UI/UX is the procedure of improving the overall experience of the users when they interact with the application or website to achieve its objective to provide maximum customer satisfaction. Redefine Solutions CMS comes with great UI/UX; our goal is to improve the presentation and the interactivity of the web or mobile application.

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Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions
Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions

We provide the platform and infrastructure necessary to scale quickly and increase revenue, with everything under one roof.

Omnichannel Inventory Management
Omnichannel Inventory Management

Get control of your inventory, manage multiple warehouses, pick pack and ship, and get bottom-line financials.

NAV Implementation & Enhancement
NAV Implementation & Enhancement
Connect your eCommerce store with
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
& consolidate multiple systems into a single.
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