A typical

website design

project takes 10-12 weeks. However, not every project has standard requirements — website Design project's timeline depends on a few factors. The timeline is most affected by client communication and the project scope. If you have a deadline setup in mind, we can surely try our best to meet it for you. Generally, the most delay in the development and finishing of a new website happens in waiting for materials and responses required by Redefine Solutions from you. If you have everything ready, we can speed up the process.
In such projects where timeline defined for design, We have a kickoff meeting at the beginning of the project. This meeting gives our clients a chance to meet their designer and can explain their vision for the site. However, For some development projects, a kickoff meeting is not mandatory.
Redefine Solutions custom design is always more search engine friendly than any other average platform template. We build our sites to conform to Google's best practices and guidelines. They say, a website can only be optimized to a certain point without a keyword strategy. If you're interested in taking site optimization all the way, ask your account manager about an SEO campaign.
Our cost of an eCommerce entirely depends upon the requirement. Like what all the features you required, what type of website you have (B2B, B2C, Multichannel or all 3) and what kind of functionality is needed by the end-user? For more information about our

eCommerce feature

and pricing, contact our sales team.
We've worked with many ERP and CRM tools, integrating eCommerce websites, and order data. A standard integration automatically transfers customer and order data from your website to the existing internal system. And when any data update into the internal system, it automatically reflects on your site data. With this process, it benefits businesses to provide better customer service and rid of from the time consuming manual data entry work. Any website we develop, ease in usability and automation of daily task is a goal.
We developed all our

ecommerce websites

using 128-bit encryption via an SSL, the standard in website security. It allows information to pass through your website in a code that can't read even if intercepted. All sites are developed using the latest in
PCI compliance
standards. Although, We would not recommend storing any credit cards details on your server or in your eCommerce administration. Utilizing a 3rd party payment gateway you can process payments without storing this sensitive data from your website.
No. We agree a fixed price with you. Quotes are always given before we intiate the project work, and costs are clearly documented. The only time we would charge additional fees would be in the instances where a client requests changes in website which are beyond the scope of work.
Redefine Solutions is a preferred
Microsoft Technology partner
. We have expertise and experienced team for
Microsoft ASP.net
, PHP, Android &
iOS app development
. If one is looking for more stability and security we would suggest to go with Microsoft platform; on other hand if you are just starting up your business and running on tight budget then the open source platforms are for you.For Redefine Solutions each project has equal importance and project management rules. we usually advice platform considering client business and theri vision. So, we can help them to grow.
Absolutely! We have listed testimonials on our website for review. We strive to provide everyone as much as information possible. However, we respect our client's time and privacy and to limit unnecessary phone calls. We encourage anyone who is considering hiring Redefine Solutions to check out the reviews that we have received from our valuable clients on many known review portal.
We provide 30 days of free support to fix any bug or issue in our development once the project delivered. However, there are many of our clients looking for ongoing support and maintenance work. So as per our mutual terms, we can either offer unlimited support or fixed hours monthly/yearly support. For more details about our support services, please contact us with your requirement. We will assist you with the best options suitable to your needs.
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