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The SureStep Methodology
As Microsoft Partners, we use the

Microsoft SureStep Methodology

to plan and implement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

. We will only use the parts of the project plan appropriate to your installation; however, using the SureStep method provides a repeatable and smooth implementation in a proven manner. This also ensures a minimal impact on your day-to-day running; the Dynamics 365 implementation on site will take days, not weeks!
Phase 1: Diagnostic

Dynamics 365 project management

implementation team and sales team brainstorms with your project manager and sponsor to lay the groundwork, discuss and define:
  • The project goals
  • In-depth project plan
  • Project team
  • Allocation of project resources and infrastructure
  • Project charter sign-off
Phase 2: Analyse
We find, evaluate, and focus on the business operations along with pain points. Business processes are documented by recognizing business events and defining a customer's actions to react to those events. These processes get arranged into business situations that capture the client's organization's needs. During the study period and the concept demo, primary users are anticipated to discover the transactions to detect GAP elements (new demand, fields, transactions, and process flows). Thorough fundamental research of the organization and concept demo of the standard database, fundamental analysis of organization scenarios.
  • FRD-- Functional Requirement Document (Organization Structure NAV Viewpoint, GAP aspect.
  • GAP Fit/ Analysis Document.
  • Sign-off document format for the System Need Research with Concept Demonstration
  • Client to provide Sample Master Data as well as document print formats.
Phase 3: Design
Configuring solutions and designing customizations according to your business needs is a critical task during this phase. We also offer fundamental user training at an early stage and are accountable for training the primary user; however, your primary user team will train the end-user.
  • User manual
  • Sign off-key user training
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Phase 4: Development
This phase will build and test the system components, including customizations,


/interfaces, and

data migration processes

. We assist you in training your primary users to ensure that they can utilize the new system successfully.
  • Acceptance of your users to the new solution constructed.
  • Opening Template for the closing balance
Phase 5: Deployment
We help your business successfully transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Conducting the initial training to help your employees transition and get accustomed to the new solution, data migration check, final system readiness ensures that all your business requirements are met. We help you go live when this is all over.
  • Deployment of Live database at your end
  • Sign off on Reports of Opening Balance Upload
  • Sign off of Go Live
Phase 6: Operation
Your organization processes are maintained on the new system with two weeks onsite along with two weeks' off-site assistance. The effectiveness of the new system is mainly dependent on how proficiently users can run the system.
  • Production system assisting business functions.
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