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Shirts Configuration Tool
Our cutting-edge personalization processes feature many customizable clothing choices like color, style, and fit. We design and manufacture all of our formal tropical outfits for each beach wedding event separately.
The Challenge
A website wherein consumers cannot just design their shirts; they can quickly build profiles, lookbooks, etc. In addition to it, they desired to integrate the site with their manufacturing as well as design facilities to ensure that every single order is handed down to them the moment it shows up.

Shirts Configurator

required to come up with a reliable engine that is both highly effective and feature rich to attain desired outcomes.
The Approach

"Planning to come up with a distinct web portal created specifically for those who prefer to come with their signature style.

Tools have seized the online shirt market and skip the requirement for pre-stocking, thus not blocking out substantial capital. Gather maximum benefits from clients with unusual sizes to display a wide variety of their fabrics and designs to get a premium for customization facilities to get an idea of trendy designs, sizes, as well as patterns selected by users.

Get exposed to a wide range of options to select from to have the opportunity. Get their shirts tailored by choosing and blending various sizes, patterns, as well as fabrics to choose from existing designs loved by other users. The user recognizes preferred trends in materials, shades, as well as styles to get shirts of different sizes that are hardly available in readymade shirt stores to pick and receive shirts stitched in real-time from the comfort of home."

Shirts Configuration Tool
Design as you wish

Design as you wish.

Users can design a full shirt of their own by utilizing the distinct customization possibilities for every element of the shirt starting with fabric, collar, and stitching to the body, cuff, and placket. Purchasers can add to cart while users can save the design.
Filter it out.

Filter it out.

The filter attribute allows the users to select the perfect fabrics when it comes to brands, colors, prices, patterns, technical characteristics, thread count, weight as well as fabric construction. Users can also sort by utilizing the Featured, Latest, Highest Rated, as well as Most Viewed options.
Save an existing size or make your own.
Save an existing size or make your own.
Users have the choices to save their designed shirts utilizing the predefined standard sizes and also to create and save a new measurement of their own.
Become the 'Threadhead of the Month.'
Become the 'Threadhead of the Month.'
To stimulate the active involvement of users, Shirts Configurator thought of the 'Threadhead of the Month' idea. A user taking part in practically all activities revolving around the portal at routine level comes to be entitled to get presented as the 'Threadhead of the Month.'
The Result
Shirts Configurator tools Came out as an excellent website for corporate, educational, professional as well as club dressing. It became a favorite amongst classes possessing signature style as well as designer looks. Provided immensely to the brand's appeal online. Brought in to the profits by pushing in more and more visitors. Turned into the number 1 website for different sized audiences.
Shirts Configuration Tool