ABOUT seeks to be the world’s leading online source of exclusive, quality beauty products from classic, emerging and niche brands. Through exceptional service, creativity, and innovation, Sleekshop strives to be the ultimate beauty destination for customers worldwide. is one of the top online destinations for leading hair care products from every brand imaginable. offers brands for nails, skin, cosmetics, babies and even pets! With over 16,000 products of 300 salon-exclusive and specialty brands, is committed to helping customers worldwide (in 60+ countries) fulfill just about any beauty care need.

The Challenge
The first challenge was Sleekshop’s wanted to move from their Yahoo platform to Big Commerce. With a large footprint, they needed to move platforms without losing any of the positionings that they previously had gained from being on the Yahoo platform. Additionally, they needed to find the right

eCommerce solution

that would be able to manage inventory,

order management

process and other important back-office functions like sales tracking.
The system they were on was an outdated system which was not giving their customers the interface or experience they wanted to give. They needed something much more robust and advanced. Sleekshop’s goal was to revamp all existing tools and bring everything into one

eCommerce platform

so that their team could manage orders and sales without going crazy.
The Approach
We first took the time to understand Sleek Shop’s business and identify core problems and opportunities. Only after fully understanding Sleek Shop’s store did we begin to propose solutions and approach, creating a tailored solution to the specific to their unique situation.
We took over all e-commerce based tasks of Sleekshop including enhancement, optimization, and maintenance of their sites including server hardware optimization, design, and deployment of new sites, product data entry, marketing services, and more. Over the years as the relationship progressed Sleekshop gave more responsibilities as their store and website grew in revenue.
Everything that Sleekshop presents and sell online came through Redefine Solutions's web services. Our work included Web design and development,

eCommerce development


search engine optimization

, and online marketing through other portals, such as comparison shopping engines and Amazon.
Highlight of How We Helped Increase Revenue
Custom API integration for Marketplace, Shipping tools, and Accounting Tools

Custom API integration

for Marketplace, Shipping tools, and Accounting Tools

Third Party API integrations for Bigcommerce allowed us to develop custom applications that connect directly with Sleekshop’s third-party software so that you can add features or improve upon business processes. Giving them access to a centralized system that fluently interacted with their Marketplace, Shipping tools, and Accounting Tools through the Bigcommerce App Integration.

Custom Dynamic Product Options with Individual Pages
Custom Dynamic Product Options with Individual Pages

We have the ability to add product option's images/colors of the swatch type, use a wide range of tools to present each product variant at its best. As well as set flexible product option dependencies - show/hide options based on what your customers select. Additionally, we allowed to automatically hide unavailable options or disable them and display the out-of-stock message to customers, sync the option’s stock to the existing product’s stock.

Buying Guide and Custom Look Book Creation
Buying Guide and Custom Look Book Creation
Look-books have evolved a bit to become a popular form of social media content and a popular way for merchants to engage shoppers. This feature required
BigCommerce customization
but created a converting visual appeal to a shopper’s senses and imagination. A well-photographed and well-marketed look-book can inspire shoppers to buy. For this reason, Sleekshop wanted to create a look-book, where the products in the lookbook were clickable, leading to an increase in both sales and revenue.
Abandon Cart with Custom Email Template
Abandon Cart with Custom Email Template
BigCommerce integration
feature allowed Sleekshop to unlock hidden revenue as well as gain new insight into your identifiable cart abandoner rate, how much revenue is being left on the table. Our solution helped to deliver scheduled, multi-stage email sequences so you can follow up with cart abandoners in real time. Personalization and recommendations are built in to guarantee your success.
Google and Facebook Feed Submission – Through BigCommerce API Integration
Google and Facebook Feed Submission – Through
BigCommerce API Integration

Feed submission was automated for any destination with our pre-set channel specific templates and artificial intelligence. These integrations for Big Commerce allowed for the speed up the distribution and got all Sleekshop products to any channel in a fraction of the time. Fast and error-free.

The Result

Sleekshop’s business has grown 20 percent year over year since starting work with Redefine Commerce. both their conversions and sales have improved considerably. They began started expanding into different marketplaces and increasing sales through the proprietary solution built for them which allows them to scale up as the business grows. We built intensive solutions with Amazon, helping Sleekshop go from zero to more than a thousand percent in growth with Amazon.