Visol Products

Visol Products is the proud maker of an incredibly diverse selection of items made for the further enjoyment of life. They are carrying a wide variety of products including – lighters, flasks, money clips, travel sets, compact mirrors, and even yo-yos! Visol offers personalization on all of them their product, creating one of a kind products, and creating one of a kind gifts and experiences anyone that receives them.

The Challenge

Visol needed a website that would not just house all of the products that they sold but also feature the unique B2B features, and personalization features which were required to create the one of a kind shopping experience that was wanted. Making off the shelf solutions, limited in their ability to deliver what was needed. Visol needed to create a custom solution from scratch, which would both improve business efficiency and increase growth past the stagnation which had been experiencing the last few years.

The Approach

To fully understand and comprehend the situation, as well as Visol’s business processes on how to create a solution that would streamline without altering the internal system, the in-depth questioning was performed by all teams. These teams included business analyst, design, and development. Visol required a B2B solution which would interact and work flawlessly with multiple websites as well as the marketplace. Considering this was a B2B environment, the UX and UI, had to be rebuilt from scratch to accommodate the appropriate customer. To create a fully monitorable experience, we created a central dashboard which monitored all aspects of Visol’s business, including B2B wholesale, marketplaces, multiple warehouses, and marketplaces. We created an internal KPI system to give Visol a big picture overview, at any given time – of all aspects of the business, including inventory, customer satisfaction, sales on multiple channels, etc.

Visol Products
Highlight of How We Helped Increase Revenue
Integrated Wholesale B2B Website Development
Integrated Wholesale

B2B Website Development

One of the main components of the project, Visol’s B2B system gave customers access to their specific pricing and promotions, an image-rich digital catalog, and inventory availability. Wholesale customers of Visol were able to place orders on their own time––on any device––without any back-and-forth of the customer service team creating a completely new source of revenue and profitability for Visol.

Dropship Integration Module with Different Membership Option

Dropship Integration Module with Different Membership Option

Around 27% of online retailers have adopted drop shipping as their primary method of order fulfillment. One of the main concerns Visol had was giving his B2B customer the ability to order directly through dropshipping without having to micro-manage or monitor the system. The dropship module allowed Visol to keep complete control of all systems without hassle. The dropship module – allowed suppliers to create and cancel requests, keep track of the dropship process through notification emails, as well as give a detailed order listing page to both the admin and supplier. Creating a tier of dropship levels, IE) Silver, Gold, Platinum additionally gave the incentive to drop shippers to buy more in order to receive the incentivized discount.

Centralized Multi-Warehouse Management System

Multi-Warehouse Management System

Our proprietary

Warehouse Management

System enabled Visol to run a highly efficient e-commerce operation. Giving the ability to organize, pick, pack, and ship inventory with masterful efficiency and speed – all within a single platform. The created Warehouse Management System gave Visol the ability to save time and resources – while fulfilling customer orders quicker and more accurately than ever before. Another concern of Visol was picking and packing in the warehouse; our system filtered orders into picking batches and automatically found the shortest warehouse route – allowing pickers to focus on the job. All of these features of the custom Warehouse Management System lead to dependable warehouse management, which ran like clockwork.
Multi-Channel Inventory Management System
Multi-Channel Inventory Management System

Needing a way to keep inventory in sync, we built a system the automatically synced inventory across every store and marketplace – preventing overselling. The system worked that anywhere when a sale was made on the B2B system, a marketplace, warehouse or any of the multiple websites Visol’s inventory was updated automatically and on all platforms with all logic and safety stock concerned as part of the total. Everything is tracked in real-time with correct stock levels shown across all stores and marketplaces. Additionally, the system had full Knowledge of where the stock was located– broken down by aisle, shelf, and bin location. Giving Visol complete visibility and transparency of all inventory.

Integrated Logistic Integration like FedEx, UPS, USPS
Integrated Logistic Integration
like FedEx, UPS, USPS

Needing an integrated system to ship all orders that came through the multiple systems we created a complete system for Visol that allowed for both 100% accurate inventory and the ability to pick, pack and ship with precision. Our integrates shipping solution allowed shipping through companies including FedEx, UPS, and USPS, allowing Visol to experience improvement in fulfilling all of his customer's orders as well as real-time shipping rates.

Order Prioritization Based on Shipping Selected
Order Prioritization Based on Shipping Selected

Sometimes setting a shipping option is not enough. Giving Visol the ability to use automated rules allowed for automated prioritization of each order as well as specialized instruction based on the type of order. This feature and functionality gave Visol the ability to create and automate instructions to the picking and packing team of how each order was to be processed based on the order type, shipping type, and the shipping address.

The Result

Success was achieved in the development of the portal within 3 months both for B2B and B2C. We developed a business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform that enabled customers to place their orders directly with the manufacturer and avoid sending orders via email or fax. Additionally, the system gave customers the ability to dropship directly from Visol, into their own store. This system fully integrated with all of Visol’s business and process, including personalization modules, marketplace management, inventory management, and multiple warehouse management. The centralized elements of the system allowed for Visol to add on a completely new source of revenue as well as increase and better manage other aspects of the business.

Visol Products