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They Genuinely Care About Their Client's Success

"They genuinely care about what their clients do and how they can be a part of that success."

- Tom Kellogg, CEO

Parsons Kellogg

Half Price Drapes
We Have Grown 30% Year On Year

"We have grown 30% year on year. I consider them to be honest and trusted business partner."

- Hasan Lodhi,

Half Price Drapes

Solving Our Business Problems

"I have absolute faith in their ability to solve our business problems; we can count on them."

- Mitch Gantman,


For E-Commerce, There Is No Better Company

"If there’s an e-Commerce project, I don’t know of a better company to handle it."

- Michael Stein,
Animation Shop
Redefine Solutions is Above and Beyond

"Other developers I’ve worked with have fallen short, but the team at Redefine Commerce went above and beyond."

- Albert Decespedes,
Animation Shops
Income Doubled Compared To Last Year

"Our incomes have doubled compared to the previous year; they are an end-to-end solution we can rely on."

- Gaurang Patel
Visol Products
A Secret Admirer
Deliver Projects Within The Promised Deadline

"They deliver projects within the promised deadline and are able to complete new tasks quickly."

- Abe Einhorn,
A Secret Admirer
Participated In Creating A Vision And Goals For The Company

"It was not just my vision and implementation, but they actually participated in creating a vision and the goals for the company. I am definitely very satisfied."

- Andrew Ngo,
Business Focus Makes For A Better Partnership

"From my perspective, it’s their business focus that makes them a nice partner to work with."

Live Support
They Believe In Their Work And Stand With It

"Our top management and decision-makers have a unique mindset, and Redefine Solutions came through for us and matched the unique mindset of us."

Live Support
Shirts Configuration Tool
Shirts Configuration Tool

We thoughtfully developed an elaborate interactive interface that provides users to buy a shirt created on their own or designed by others.

elighters Configuration Tool
We developed the
product configuration tool
with real-time engraving view.
Portfolio 3D Video
3D Video Configurator

Create interactive experiences that allow customers to engage meaningfully with your products.

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