Stopping Advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.

Ecommerce PPC Management

Paid marketing can be a powerful shortcut to get your website and content into prominent placement within search results or popular websites—helping you to generate sales leads more quickly. Our PPC consultants are experienced in various paid media platforms, from search engines to content distribution platforms. This gives you more opportunities to quickly get in front of just the right audience.
The benefits of REdefine Solutions PPC Management
  •     Quick Feedback
  •     Multi-layered Smart Targeting
  •     Builds Brand Recognition
  •     Measurable and Trackable (KPIs and KRIs)
  •     A/B Testing
  •     Goes hand in hand with SEO
We protect your keyword investments by testing campaigns and ad content alongside our search engine marketing consultants, who optimize your landing pages.
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As your partners, we focus on results that help your business scale and not just on ad spend.
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REdefine Solutions' SEM Services help your business get real results by:

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing is crucial for your marketing plan. Having the right strategies in place helps your business compete with other competitors online, helping you achieve substantial ROI. With our extensive and meticulous research, our search engine marketing experts help your business reach its fullest potential. Our consultants also integrate SEO with  PPC campaigns to help promote your business offerings and make an impact in your niche market.We'll work hard to reduce the amount you're paying for each click while increasing conversions, leading to more leads of a higher quality!
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Landing Page and Conversion Rate Optimization

Landing pages play an essential role in helping your business convert interested visitors into long-term customers. Realizing when it's time to update your messaging and revamping the layout is crucial. Our PPC consultants come to your rescue if your conversion rates start to decline and/or leads aren't right for your business. Our search engine marketing experts design and development attractive landing pages that are optimized for conversions. Our team also performs consistent A/B tests on different landing page elements to ensure your conversion rates stay high!
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Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing allows your business to move interested leads further down the conversion funnel. Maybe they landed on a product page but didn't complete the purchase, or perhaps they navigated away from their shopping cart before completing it - remarketing helps keep these prospects engaged with your brand by exhibiting relevant ads that are more likely to resonate and generate conversions.
Retargeting campaigns can be a headache. Our search engine marketing experts save you from the stress by developing and executing a remarketing strategy tailored for your business to maximize your return on investment.
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Invest your money the right way to drive profitable growth
Automation And Reporting
Data is the fuel, and analytics is the engine of your business.
From the moment you wake up in the morning, you are constantly making decisions – what kind of coffee to drink and, depending on your mood, whether to have that croissant or not.
Similarly, for your business, we make decisions based on real-time data. Automation is changing your business. Whether you want us to predict potential target customers, measure the product demand, detect product failures and wins, and ultimately your ROI, we generate enough diverse data. These in-depth insights are for the ultimate users of the outcomes, the business owners – YOU!
For us, data is the most valued commodity, and hence, we repair the kink between the data and your business goals. The KPIs, KRIs, and KPAs identified help us design and implement a custom-made strategy for your business goals.
The modern analytical ecosystem that we leverage allows us to predict and test future scenarios for your business that you may have not even considered.
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