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About ReDefine Solutions
We are a Boston-based custom software development firm with a seasoned team that knows how to get results. We build efficient and reliable custom software for your business needs by leveraging industry experts, proprietary automation tools, or both! Our experience in software goes all out because we want you to succeed more than anyone else does - even though it's not just about choosing what works best but also having an approach explicitly tailored towards your stores' requirements so they yield higher ROI. And it starts by finding out what you need and want from us!
Our Mission
We believe that every business owner and marketing executive should have a clear understanding of how they can use technology to improve their company's ROI. We're here for you with the tools, resources & expertise needed to achieve measurable success!
Core Values
industries we serve
The Internet has become an integral part of modern-day marketing for both businesses and consumers. However, service-based industries seem to benefit the most. We offer custom software development services to contractors in the following industries: 
I wish you could hear all the praise that gets heaped upon me (and you) for what has been created. Truly stellar. So thankful that I am lucky enough to get to work with you.
Joshua T
CEO of Joshua Townshend Studios
I wish I could buy you all ice cream. You guys rock
Melissa M
CEO of Networthy
I made connections with people I did not even think were possible
Ann D
CEO of Chronomatic
It looks really, good. And from what I can tell it works super well! You pushing me over and over was correct and I am so grateful you did. It allows us to grow the store (if we want) and to provide a beautiful and easy-to-navigate site.
Dr Dee
CEO of Dr Dee Blanco
Thank you to you and everyone on the team, I am so grateful and appreciative of the work your team has done, everything looks so beautiful. This is what I always dreamed of my site looking like but was never able to get there.
Vanessa S
CEO of Vanessa's Vintage
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