(Unconventional) Marketing done right! Our effort to make your business a part of your consumers' conversations leveraging social media.

Social Media Management Services

Whether you are a B2B business owner or a B2C, we make social media indispensable for your business. By implementing a creative integrated social media strategy for your company's presence on social media platforms like

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

, etc. we create the perfect environment to build trust with potential customers and promote your business. The ever-changing world of social media demands that you stay in tune or risk becoming irrelevant. We are not either fast or sophisticated. We are both. Because for your business to succeed in

real-time marketing (RTM)

, through social media advertising services and social media analytics, we ensure that the message delivered is clever, on target, and grabs your audiences' attention in seconds. Piggybacking on hot trends also hurts no one.
A/B Testing
Merely designing the campaign does not satisfy our hunger. We don't do social monitoring, we do social listening because monitoring tells us what, but listening tells us why. A/B testing in real-time allows us to tweak the strategy to maximize your social media spend.  

We REdefine how you communicate your business - from setting up the accounts to engaging your audience with posts and stories (of course within your budget), running targeted ads (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin), and interpreting analytics.
Benefits of REdefine A/B testing
  •     Improved User Experience
  •     Improved Content
  •     Easy Analysis
  •     Reduced Risks
  •     Reduced Bounce Rates
  •     Reduced Cart Abandonment
Automation And Reporting
Data is the fuel, and analytics is the engine of your business.

From the moment you wake up in the morning, you are constantly making decisions – what kind of coffee to drink and, depending on your mood, whether to have that croissant or not.

Similarly, for your business, we make decisions based on real-time data. Automation is changing your business. Whether you want us to predict potential target customers, measure the product demand, detect product failures and wins, and ultimately your ROI, we generate enough diverse data. These in-depth insights are for the ultimate users of the outcomes, the business owners – YOU!
For us, data is the most valued commodity, and hence, we repair the kink between the data and your business goals. The KPIs, KRIs, and KPAs identified help us design and implement a custom-made strategy for your business goals.

The modern analytical ecosystem that we leverage allows us to predict and test future scenarios for your business that you may have not even considered.
in social media everyone is an asset to engage, enlighten and encourage
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