ERP Integration
ERP Integration
turn your

Microsoft Dynamics system

into the engine of your store
Your ERP consists of every piece of information that keeps your company working efficiently. Product specification, pricing information, customer data - every little thing your online business needs to deliver a fantastic web-based buying experience. Just like your ERP not designed or created to sell your items online; likewise, an online store can't perform better than your company's ERP at business logic and data handling. That’s why we designed the Omnichannel Inventory Management System that integrates with your company's ERP. It allows both systems to carry out the things they're doing best. This approach will give many advantages, such as:
  • Custom pricing information for online store
  • Minimum human mistake while operating system
  • Smooth Order Processing
  • Instantly updated product catalog
One centralized system
One centralized system
focus on core business activities rather than systems and software
Empower your

multiple sales channels

from an all-inclusive centralized system by combining our

Omnichannel Inventory Management System

with your company's

Microsoft Dynamics ERP


SAP Business One ERP

  • Native integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Bi-directional communication between the Omnichannel Inventory Management System and ERP
  • Real time manage product, pricing, customer, order, invoice, shipping and tax data
  • Versatile synchronization schedule
Remove Manual Processes
Remove Manual Processes
Remove the manual processes of re-keying data between systems

Our ERP Integration helps you to get orders, client invoices, update inventory, and shipping alerts in a ease. Everything in a smooth, real-time process that prevents human error and in quick time.

  • New orders move to your ERP the moment they’re placed
  • The ERP creates order invoices automatically
  • Inventory alerts when the Orders are picked, packed, and shipped
  • No time wasted on manual entry or expensive errors
One Database for data
One Database for data
an all-in-one solution, data is stored in a single database 
Our ERP Integration helps realign your team’s initiatives on product development, sales strategy, and consumer support while your
ERP integrated ecommerce platform
completes the remaining.
  • Retrieve as much as work with minimum manual entry
  • Repurpose team as service, development, and marketing resources
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce operational expenses
One Database for data
Automate data entry
Automate data integration
between you store and your back office
Scale your organization from local to global with ERP integration and other integrations like payment gateways, shipping carriers, and tax service providers such as Avalara for precision and effectiveness.
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Real-time shipping integration
  • Google Analytics integration for essential marketing insights
  • Avalara integration for accurate tax calculation
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