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Why Choose Redefine Solutions?
In Depth

When you choose us, you get great value for your investment with detailed analysis reports for business growth.
Personalized Approach

When you choose us, you’ll get a solution tailored to your specific needs to make it the best for your business's success.
Outcome Based Approach

We anticipate every challenge that might come your way and design a resolution that is best for your business.

We focus on the details to ensure that the project exceeds your expectations while aligning yours with business goals.
GRow Your Business
Redefine Your 

Shopify Strategy

From performing your conversion audits to consulting, we do it all. We personalize your Shopify business strategy and grow your business.
  • Innovative Consultation
    Our experts will work with you to develop custom solutions that meet your needs for achieving your shopify marketing strategy goals.
  • Conversion Audits
    We can help you increase your online sales with our proven Shopify conversion rate optimization techniques.
  • Make It Global
    We've been creating a

    custom Shopify ecommerce strategy

    for businesses to take their Shopify store to the global market for ten years.
shopify growth strategy
Build, Design, and grow with redefine

Shopify Custom Design

From Shopify themes to pick from to customized theme development, our Shopify design agency is dedicated to crafting innovative, high-performance

shopify website designs

 that get results.
  • Custom UI/UX Design
    Create Shopify custom web designs with the highest industry standards from our elite Shopify web designers.
  • Redesign Services
    Not happy with your Shopify store design? Let our Shopify web design agency take your website to the next level and make it sell with a

    custom shopify theme

  • Branding Solutions & Logo Design
    Redefine your brand identity to drive your customer to you with customized branding solutions from our shopify ecommerce agency.
custom shopify theme development
Need to build your shopify store?

Shopify Development Services

That Fulfill Your Business Needs!
We offer Shopify store development services that cater to your business needs and prepare you for future growth and success with one-of-a-kind Shopify API Integration.
  • Shopify Development

    Dynamically personalized Shopify store developed for your business at Redefine Solutions.
  • Speed Optimization
    We can quickly improve your Shopify store by optimizing the site to the best limits.
  • App Development
    Customized shopify app design to increase sales & efficiency of your business with our Shopify app development company.
  • Theme Development
    Get customized Shopify web development services and build a new store from scratch at Redefine Solutions.
  • Shopify Plus Development

    Create your Shopify Plus with our Shopify development company, take your business to the next level, and achieve success.
  • Hire Shopify Developer
    We do everything from building it to driving traffic. Hire our team of experts to launch your store successfully.
custom shopify integrations
Turning your Ideas into reality
Create One of A Kind
Shopify Plus Store
Redefine collaborates with you to develop the product and continuously uses Shopify Plus to enhance your business. In addition, shopify plus agency offers a wide range of services, applications, and options that help your organization become more productive and agile at scale with shopify plus features. 
  • Shopify Hydrogen
    Our full service shopify agency creates a Headless Shopify Channel that lets you choose the best software for your business needs.
  • Shopify Plus Integration

    We develop custom integrations that allow your organization to access more powerful features and automated processes than regular Shopify development agency  
Design. Development. Project management. Release. Success.
shopify plus ecommerce, shopify plus support
Migrate with redefine
Shopify Migration
Our highly-experienced shopify development company leverages decades of expertise to assist businesses in transitioning their business to Shopify e-commerce stores. Redefine is what you need to migrate your store to Shopify. Check out the stores available for migration with our shopify support center.

migrate wordpress to shopify, migrate bigcommerce to shopify
magento to shopify migration
Promoting Accessibility
ADA Compliance
& Accessibility 
Your ecommerce company should focus on quality assurance to encourage customer interaction. Shopify merchants can get Level A, AA, & AAA compliance with Redefine. Make your website ADA-compliant & accessible by providing more accessible content with our ADA website accessibility compliance services.
  • 504 Compliance
    The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) establish the baseline for digital accessibility. Make your digital assets conform with WCAG, & make sure your business is compliant with Section 504 by meeting levels A, AA, & AAA.
  • 508 Compliance
    Meet the standard set for Section 508 with Voluntary Product Accessibility Template or VPAT and prove that your digital products are accessible.  
ada compliant website, ada guidelines, ada compliance requirements, ada accessibility guidelines
Redefine your Shopify Marketing Strategy
Looking For Ways To Optimize Your
Shopify Marketing
Redefine helps you reach your ambitions faster with a targeted marketing strategy to bring your Shopify store into the spotlight with our Shopify marketing agency.
  • SEO Services
    Good Shopify SEO services get organic traffic. Excellent Shopify SEO agency gets buyers, backlinks, and first-page rankings (we're the second).
  • Content Marketing
    We focus on creating content that drives your customers to you. Let's make the content marketing plan you need. 
  • Paid Advertising
    We assist in driving remarkable results by helping revolutionize your customer base and increase revenue forecasts.
  • Email Marketing
    From personalized emails to automated campaigns, we make it easy to reach out & engage with your customers.
  • Analytics & Reporting
    Make better-informed decisions by getting insights into your sales and uncovering new growth opportunities with our Shopify advertising agency.
shopify technical seo
Seamless Integration
Our custom Integrations are built to meet any specific need, allowing you to integrate your store with multiple platforms easily. We focus on connecting your business requirements effortlessly.
  • Shopify Integration
    We create reliable Shopify Integrations which connect your Shopify storefront with a diverse range of third-party applications.
Simplifying your business with
Shopify Dynamics
Our team of skilled experts makes it more accessible and time-saving for you to run your ecommerce business by integrating your Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics 365, creating one channel for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) for your Shopify storefront. Learn more about Shopify Dynamics integration with Redefine. 
shopify navision, shopify dynamics nav, microsoft dynamics 365 shopify, shopify dynamics 365
by the numbers
Relax! We Know What We're doing
Get help when you need 
Shopify Support
For All your Needs
We offer more than just building your online store - we help you grow with guidance and support every step of the way. Access the maintenance services you need to build and grow your business with Redefine.
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 Unique Brand, Unique Solutions
Incredible and high-performing digital solutions developed just for you are a click away - let’s build them together.
  • We are the ideal choice for hiring Baymard-Certified Shopify experts because we have a team of experienced professionals who specialize in designing and developing custom e-commerce solutions. Our Shopify developers have extensive knowledge and experience in building custom solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique needs.
  • The cost of hiring Shopify experts as developers depend on the project's scope and complexity and your budget. Generally speaking, a typical Shopify development project can range anywhere from around $1,000 to upwards of $20,000, depending on the size and scope of the project. We provide custom pricing depending on the specific needs of our clients.
  • Shopify agency provides many services to help clients create and manage an online store. These services may include website design, e-commerce development, custom programming, content management, marketing services, payment processing, and integration with other systems. 
  • Evaluating potential partners is an important step in ensuring success. Consider your goals, budget, and timeline while assessing their experience and expertise. Have a meaningful conversation to help identify the best fit for you & don't forget to ask for references from prior clients.
  • Working with a Shopify agency can be incredibly beneficial to your business. By working with an experienced team, you can gain access to their knowledge and experience in the e-commerce space, helping you make informed decisions about your store’s setup, product selection, marketing strategies, and more.