Astute Healthcare: Gains An ERP System That Has Helped Over 1000 Companies Grow In The UK

Astute Healthcare is a distributor of Pharmaceutical Products. The company was having trouble accounting for the time they took away from their work.


Astute Healthcare is a distributor of Pharmaceutical Products. The company was having trouble accounting for the time they took away from their work. The company had difficulty integrating its databases because of other companies' transactions.

Redefine Dynamics helped Astute Healthcare with its ERP and analytics problems by recommending NAV 2018, Power BI, and SKU-wise stock maintenance.

  • Enhanced customer service with a single point of contact.
  • Expansion capacity with fast inventory management.
  • Accessibility to multiple databases of its customers.
  • Ability to create global products/services without worrying about crossing borders.
  • Increased growth in UK and US databases.


In the modern world, Astute Healthcare was facing difficulties due to a fundamental solution used for accounting purposes. Unable to properly account for the hours taken away from their work, the team was forced into a life of backbreaking manual bookkeeping. The data compilation was arduous. The team from across the company had to compile and consolidate information for management to have a clear, concise understanding of what is going on with operations.

It took time because it depended upon when they got reports back from their teams abroad or domestically within branches with different departments being responsible for compiling separate pieces of information separately, which would then be collected into one account that could show where progress has been made as well as how much work still needs attention before all goals are met.

The company was disappointed by the delays in their schedule caused by waiting for information. The team had to double-check some formulas and data, which resulted in errors that needed fixing before continuing with other companies. It wasn't easy juggling multiple companies all using the same database. The situation got worse because of various intercompany transactions. The team had a significant challenge when it came to integrating with Amazon.


Astute Healthcare was struggling with its problems and was looking for a company that could suggest the best ERP for its business. The company approached Redefine Dynamics to help them cope with their challenges. NAV 2018 was implemented for both GB and US localizations. For Analytics Report, we have provided them with Power BI which would help them to analyze the data more spontaneously.

Developed functionality to generate an invoice of hundreds of items to e-commerce merchants like Amazon. SKU-wise stock maintenance was implemented for the company to track item inventory. To help them to deal with intercompany transactions, we installed Navision default functionality. Navision made it easy for them to keep the company's finances and records organized.

Several different companies can use the same database and can comfortably enter into intercompany transactions that each business would need. Redefine Dynamics has developed a state-of-the-art solution for eCommerce integration. That would make your checkout process much easier and more efficient.


Since migrating to NAV, Astute Healthcare can focus solely on expanding the business and experimenting with new products. With the help of advanced ERP, Astute Healthcare has grown tremendously due, to which its Great Britain Database contains 11 companies and more than 10,000 items. Apart from Britain, advancement in ERP has resulted in its US database growing.

The company’s US database contains 3 companies with the same number of items as the company’s Great Britain Database. As per the company’s business scenario, a standard utility has been provided to import items from a familiar Item Creation company (IC Master).

The company will be upgraded to CU 16 and BREXIT to incorporate the functionality of HMRC MTD once it is made mandatory by the UK government. Using NAV Astute Healthcare today is one of the leading distributors of Pharmaceutical Products and has become one of the fastest-growing global businesses.

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