One Page Vertical Checkout

One Page Checkout

Reduce checkout to a single step to increase conversions
Arrange billing, shipping, and payment vertically to setting up one-page optimized checkout page. Optimized one-page checkout will increase the conversion by streamlining the checkout process.
Guest Checkout

Guest Checkout

add guest checkout to immediately realize increased sales
Guest checkout offers a unique benefit to customers – it saves time. Allow your customers to proceed for checkout without creating an account. As you are providing checkout without signup, it directly helps to eCommerce owners by increase conversion, and at the same time, it allows customers by saving time.
Instant Checkout Field Validation
Instant Field Validation
simplify the process of capturing and verifying customer address data
Show your customer immediately about the field value they entered, do not wait till they hit submit button and show all errors together. Instant field validation, validate each field entry, i.e., name, email address, contact number, user’s address, and credit card. It helps the customer and allows them to fix each at a time before moving to the next field.
Express Buy & Checkout

one-click checkout

fastest checkout experience, built to convert shoppers into customers
The Buy Now & Checkout feature allows the user to move directly on the checkout page from the product page by eliminating the shopping cart page. Here, you are saving customers time, who are clear what exactly they require and want to complete the checkout process quickly. It is helpful to registered customers and allowed them to complete the checkout process quickly by storing their address & billing information with their consent.
Checkout Page Optimization

Checkout Page Optimization

Countless checkout A/B tests drive continuous optimization and sales
Better experience and smooth checkout process, increase the conversion rate for the website. When the checkout page designs poorly and does not have a better experience affect adversely. Redefine Solutions has the expertise in checkout page optimization with setting up the industry-standard user experience & validations; like live field validation, address verification, credit card verification; that reduced user errors and provide better user experience of the checkout process.
Auto Fill In For Zip Code, City, State
Address autocomplete
Find and autocomplete Address by zip code, to speed up the checkout
The feature allows a user to enter a value for zip code and based on it, autofill the state and city details. Address autocomplete saves the user time and speed up the checkout process. If require the same feature is available with the third-party service integration, where their party provides the live zip code related database.
Address Verification with Suggestion
instant Address Verification
auto-suggests and instantly verify addresses for your customer
Autocomplete address with the real-time address verification enhance the user experience on the website; it improves & speeds up the checkout and registration process. Overall it enhances the effectiveness of the direct marketing activities and ensures that the entered data is accurate.
One-Click Reorder
One-Click Reorder
Empower customers to place their orders again with one-click
Allow your customers to reorder with a single click. This feature allows the customer to place reorder for a previously placed order with the same items in cart. The customer has to fill the payment information to complete the order. It is possible to slightly modify this feature and allow the customer to update the cart items and quantity based on their requirement before completing the payment process.
Conditional Custom Checkout Fields
Conditional Checkout Fields
Collect information from your customers based on their cart
A conditional custom field will appear on the checkout page when a condition fulfilled by adding a specific product, product option, or special request on the shopping cart page. i.e., If the customer has selected particular delivery date, instantly a custom checkout box appear on the cart and ask for the customer’s confirmation that they have chosen this delivery date and it stored value in database with a timestamp.
Pre-Checkout Upsell
Pre-Checkout Upsell
Upsell, Cross-sell with Intelligent Funnels before & After checkout
A recent study suggested that the eCommerce store owner can increase the total order value by showing pre-checkout upsell products. It shows more conversion when you show to your customer that you are offering a great deal to them with the upselling product.
Sticky Checkout
Sticky Checkout
delivers a no-scroll, above-the-fold checkout experience
Users feel that they have to fill a lengthy checkout form with shipping and billing detail when they buy online. When they reach the bottom of the page by filling all the required information, sometimes it is hard for them to find out the checkout information. Sticky checkout resolves this issue by showing small sticky checkout box on right side of the user screen; when they scroll the page, this sticky checkout box stays on the same place.
The checkout process is the process that a customer must go through when checking out the items in the cart.
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