Composable Ecommerce
Optimize the new approach for your business – Composable commerce 
What Is Composable Commerce?
Composable Commerce creates a seamless, cohesive experience for customers, enabling them to shop for any device in their preferred currency. Business teams can take advantage of our approach by launching and continuously optimizing digital commerce experiences across multiple best-of-breed vendors; we've got you covered with complete solutions ready sooner than later!  
Composable Commerce Report
With a 95% majority in favor, it's no wonder that eCommerce practitioners believe Composable Commerce is the approach businesses should take. Even those who haven't yet implemented it think in 5 years, all companies will be using this approach!
Composable Commerce Changing ECommerce Experiences.
Composable Commerce leverages "best-in-class" services from various vendors to deliver all your eCommerce needs in one place, rather than relying on just one vendor. That would work well enough but may not be explicitly customized according to your or someone else's specifications. 
Composable Commerce also can help save time and money by breaking down silos between different platforms, so businesses aren't stuck paying extra fees when they don't need certain features 
The composability technique empowers you to select and assemble functionality for your business requirements. This new approach is designed around the round-the-clock, assured support of vendors like Redefine that understand how important it can be when everything else goes wrong in this fast-paced world we live in today! 
Imagine a world where you can access all these services in one place. The composable commerce stack provides just that. With best-in-class order management and inventory capabilities, like tax software or shipping carriers seamlessly integrated into your eCommerce experience without compromising certain functionalities needed by business owners who want their technical needs met too! 
Technical Benefits
Composable Commerce's ability to swap in components on demand decreases the risk of vendor lock-in for your business. This is an excellent option if you're looking at improving operational efficiency and reducing costs with modern technology standards! It also rapidly responds to changing business needs  
Business Benefits
Composable commerce monetizes any customer touchpoint, delivers highly differentiated commerce experiences and enables commerce experiences with complex business requirements with control and precision.