Crown Hill gains the tools to make their brand stand out from the crowd.
Crown Hill is a leading manufacturer of packaging products. The system did not allow for a sales order to have more quantity than ordered. Crown Hill approached Redefine Dynamics to resolve their issue. We fixed the Job Queue error by adding validations while importing data in the system so that jobs will go into an Error state when "Return Qty. to Receive" and "Return Qty. to Ship" are not greater than Quantity.
  • World’s leading packaging product manufacturer.
  • A fully automated system allows the team to solely focus on branding.
  • Affordable rates and a new ERP system lead to an increased customer base.
Crown Hill Job Queue stuck in an error state when Sales/Purchase Returns were imported with more quantity than the ordered quantity from Job Queue. · The business logic system did not return more quantity than the ordered quantity against the sales/purchase order.
The company was growing too fast and the past ERP system couldn’t handle all of our orders.
Director of Technology, Crown Hill Packaging
Crown Hill approached Redefine Dynamics to resolve their issue. To resolve the Job Queue error, we have added validations while importing data into their system.
These checks ensure that "Return Qty. to Receive" and "Return Qty. to Ship" are not greater than Quantity so that jobs will go into an error state when this happens.
We added a prefix to the file before the processing, so when an error occurs and the Job queue will re-run, the system will identify files with a prefix from the import location and then move that files into the Error folder.
So only the correct file will be moved to the further process for inserting/Validating the data into the actual Sale/Purchase tables.
Once the file is moved to the error folder system will send an e-mail for the error file. So that the user comes to know about there were errors that occurred in the job queue.
If the file does not have any error, it will be moved to the processed folder right after the import. Another customization we did was to update the job queue status to ready after it stuck in error status.
So, if the job queue faces an error it, will be automatically updated to a ready state soon after re-running the process.
Redefine Dynamics recently launched their new Microsoft Dynamics system configuration which allows customers to place orders directly online. They also offer affordable rates with no up-charge fees or hidden costs.
Vice President, Crown Hill Packaging
Redefine Dynamics created an automated packaging machine that allows them to focus solely on branding while producing at affordable rates for their clients.
Chief Operating Officer, Crown Hill Packaging