How We Support You:
How We Support You
Redefine Solutions As A Service Model offers A Support Center,
And BAU For Your Company's Software Product or Supervised QA
Redefine Solutions As A Managed Service
Can minimize Time Spent on The addition of New Features
Quicker Response Times And Assistance
For Incident Management as well as Content Moderation can lead to 30-40% Increased Conversion Rates
Our Technical Expertise Enhances Your Capacity
While Minimizing Costs
Our Methodology:
Our Methodology
Concerned you'll need us after the project concludes? Well, don't worry. We provide a customizable service model which keeps us connected, and your software continues to receive support after launch. 24-hour assistance,

quality assurance

, project management - select only specific services you will require whenever you need them.
Ideal When:
  • You require On-Going Assistance After Your Software Launches
  • You Have Limited Internal Assistance Capabilities
  • You Require After-Hours Assistance For Your Software
An Iterative Procedure
Why Redefine Solutions?
An Iterative Procedure

You Have Additional Ideas For Great Functionality Than You Could Afford. And You’ll continue to have novel Ideas Throughout Your Software Project.

Therefore Redefine Solutions begins By Supporting You to build A Prioritized Plan For an effective First Release. Then, We develop Your Product In Short Cycles, meet up With You Every 1-2 Weeks To examine The Working Software, Ask Questions, And modify Our Plan As required.

This approach provides You The Freedom To Adapt, include New Information, And Launch The Perfect Product Possible

WHY Redefine Solutions?
White Labeled

White Label Services

We believe in making it easier and profitable for agencies to trust us as an external partner to code software and websites which they design for their clients.
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High Performing Team
High Performing Team
Teams need time to perform. With our model, you get a ready-formed, high-performing team working for you.
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We Eliminate Stress for You
We Eliminate Stress for You
You’ll get access to a detailed project dashboard, bi-weekly project update meetings, and
dedicated developers
available for you at all times.
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