Surviving the competition while selling on marketplaces requires skill and not luck!
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why marketplace integration for your business?
Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are ideal for reaching new customers and helping your business grow but deciding which one you should sell on can be daunting. Any marketplace that you choose will vary in product data and account management and different processes and systems that it can be integrated with. Out services like Shopify marketplace solutions and shipping, API takes

data management and integration

headaches out of your hand so you can focus on what you do best.
The marketplace is fast becoming


, and social media platforms like Facebook are becoming the new marketplaces. Our experts help your business by harnessing these new opportunities. For example, Facebook Marketplace API will increase your business presence.
By tracking orders on a centralized dashboard, marketplace integration enables your business to cross borders, increase revenue, and connect with more shoppers.
If only growth could be managed that easily. 
unify all sales channels into one
Why REdefine Solutions for Marketplace Integration?

Complete Automation

Our direct API integrations help your business with the sourcing, procurement, and distribution of your product content.
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Increased Sales

We help increase conversions and drive sales around the globe by using high-quality, up-to-date product content.
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Complete Connectivity

Integrating shop system and analytics feed help create a seamless and reliable marketplace solution that is crucial for product experiences.
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Custom Integrated Solutions

Our custom management system provides real-time information on store operations, ensuring better and more efficient management.
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Accounting Software Integration

Numbers are a nightmare for most people. Integrating accounting software and combining the store with SAP helps with that headache.
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Marketplace Seller Comparison
The marketplace price comparison detects the price of products, assigns new pricing, and helps avoid duplicates.
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Multi-theme Support

A critical factor to consider is knowing what your competition is up to. The marketplace price comparison detects the price of products, assigns new pricing, and helps avoid duplicates.
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Market Place Vendor Attributes
Buyers can easily find important information about sellers by viewing their profile page. The seller's contact details are available, and buyers have direct access to these contacts from a single location.
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Inventory Management
Real-time inventory information such as items stock, location, received orders is updated to eliminate any overselling. You can manage your online and offline warehouses from a cloud-based system.
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CRM Integrations

Real-time customer information like past purchase history and personal preferences helps increase your market share. CRM integrations allow you to offer personalized discounts and rewards.
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Shipping Integration
Our experts are competent at integrating with whichever shipping service (like UPS API) suits your business requirements, even if it includes complex intermodal shipping calculations that make your life easier.
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Tax Integration
While tax rules and rates change constantly, you can't ignore their complexities or risk paying penalties and interest on top of uncollected taxes. Our tax integration solutions help to get real-time tax calculations.
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This is much more than integration, it is automation
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