The modern approach to keep up with customer demand.
What are microservices?
Microservices have been gaining momentum as an architectural and organizational approach to all software development. When leveraging this strategy, teams develop de-coupled services composed of multiple individual pieces called microservice interfaces (or APIs). These independent modules communicate via API and exchange data sources depending on what's needed by each specific function within the system at hand.  
The idea behind microservices is that they are small, independent pieces of functionality with clear boundaries. Each piece can be its package, or multiple packages could combine to create a new one-off capability for your business. Brands that want to offer their customers a seamless, omnichannel shopping experience can no longer rely on traditional platforms. Microservice architecture provides an alternative much more flexible and faster than the old rigid systems. 
Benefits of Microservices for Your Technical Team
The modern architecture of today's commerce solutions requires high-level technical agility that can only be achieved through microservices design. This allows IT teams to meet their business partners' demands quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or performance.  
Easier development 
Make development easier! Our flexible extension allows you to customize your service-based applications to meet any need. You won't have difficulty creating the perfect checkout flow or an intricate product interface.
Ease at integrations   
 Redefine's rich API set provides a clean, intuitive way for integrating microservices with your existing applications. With flexible event-driven integrations and an extensive toolkit available on their platform, you can build new ways of interacting in no time.
Maximize up
By leveraging microservices, Redefine Commerce Cloud can maximize the uptime and isolate faults within its application ecosystem.  
Benefits of Microservices for Your Business Team
The benefits of microservices-based architecture extend to every level within your company. This includes the business teams who will likely benefit from increased speed and agility when it comes to new product releases or other strategic initiatives requiring rapid development cycles.   
Microservices will help you build, launch and optimize the experiences your customers need to be delighted and surpass your competitors.  
Reduced Risk of Downtime
With Redefine, your service is automatically optimized for peak load and long-term business growth. This ensures you can deliver superior customer. 
Best-For-Me Commerce Solutions
The Redefine platform allows customers to choose their microservices without any hidden costs or obligations by combining it with 3rd party service providers who can provide what's needed for each industry differently.
Is Microservices Architecture Right for Your Business?
Microservices is a Right Fit for You if -
  • You need to be able to make changes in days, not months. 
  • You want a "best-for-me" commerce solution that you can easily integrate with your existing applications.   
  • You may have unique or complex products that require more customization than others 
Microservices are not a right fit for you if - 
  • Your digital commerce experience is stable, and you do not find yourself wishing to update them regularly.
  • You're able to keep up with customers' demands using a non-microservices architecture 
  • Reduce managing multiple vendors by having all your products come from one vendor - known in industry terms as "out of the box."