Pima Controls gains access to 8,000+ items without having to change their processes.
Pima Controls is a three three-decades-old company focused on the Distribution and Supply of Industrial Automation and Electrical Products and Services, partnering with world-renowned quality companies. More than 5000 Sq. Ft. of office, 4500 sq. Ft. of a centralized warehouse, and 3000 sq. Ft of Panel Shop Floor to assemble configured panels. Pima Controls faced difficulties with their previous ERP system, which led to high raw material costs and unhappy customers. Prima Controls approached Redefine Dynamics to install software that would help them streamline their work and make it more efficient.
  • Has become a leader in industrial automation.
  • Be able to explore, analyze and customize data from ERP
  • Have access to more than 8,000 items.
  • Enhance productivity with a customized CRM system.
Pima Controls was facing difficulties when it came to entry-level tasks with its previous ERP system. The result of this led to repeated and unnecessary work, as well as data duplication. The company reported a significant decline in production and financial reports, due to tedious manual work.
They had no other choice but to engage with unproductive employees just for their daily routine tasks that were taking up too much time. Production delays led to short builds and unhappy customers. The company's prime challenge was inventory tracing which resulted in high raw material costs.
We were frustrated with the limitations of their current ERP system. We needed a better way to manage information, but we don't want to invest in an entirely new solution.
Digital Product Management, Pima Controls
Struggling with their challenges, Prima Controls approached Redefine Dynamics to resolve them. We installed Microsoft Dynamics Nav that enabled owners to streamline their workflow which enabled by integrating all modules and linked production reducing with its respective order, reduced the chance of duplicate entries.
Apart from standard reports available in the system, we have also developed custom reports and Power BI dashboards to get desired financial, production, or sales statistics. Mobile devices were installed that allowed workers to enter production was faster data on the go, which faster and more efficient, and safer.
The precise location of every single item in the warehouse could be tracked down with just a few clicks. The Inventory Management module allowed them to find all their RM, SFG, FG, and MRO items to be always easily accessible when needed.
Redefine Dynamics delivers on this promise by offering an innovative approach that helps companies find and use data from existing systems. This allows users to access more than 8,000 items without having to change their entire process or business model.
Senior Director, Pima Controls
Prima Controls database contains more than 8,000 items with the up-gradation in their ERP system. NAV helped them in generating e-way bills. Customized CRM has also been integrated with Microsoft NAV 2016. Prima Controls is a pioneer in Industrial Automation. One of the first to set up shop, this company has grown from strength to strength, and today, it is one of India's leading manufacturers of automation equipment.
If you are looking for a trusted partner who understands how important it is to keep up with today’s fast-paced environment and adapt quickly as new technologies emerge then look no further than Redefine Dynamics. They offer solutions that will address all of your IT challenges while delivering maximum return on investment (ROI). Let their team work alongside you to create innovative strategies that meet or exceed your expectations.
Director of Technology, Pima Controls