Raw Edge productivity has increased with the use of a new software system.
Raw Edge established a business in the year 2005 with aim of providing industrial minerals to manufacturing industries at competitive prices. An innovation-driven enterprise engaged in delivering raw material supplies fully to large and medium industrial houses. Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of a quality range of Calcined Lime, Dolomitic Lime, Hydrated Lime, AAC Lime, Calcined Magnesite, Clinker, Quartz, Gypsum, Imported Coal, etc.
Raw Edge's distribution center was struggling to meet customers' needs and wanted a new system that could reduce production costs. Struggling with the problems their company faced, Raw Edge approached Redefine Dynamics to help them out. Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV helped them easily manage inventory data and access information about product-wise, location-wise, and up-to-bin-level inventory data.
  • It has improved customer service and efficiency with more control over inventory.
  • An increase in production and sales leads to increased ROI.
  • It has reduced time spent on day-to-day transactions by having remote access.
  • Outsourcing leads to a competitive advantage.
Understaffed and in need of assistance, Raw Edge's distribution center struggled to meet its customers' needs. The cost of various expenses related to mining activity was difficult to measure and due to that, production cost was not accurate. Faced with increased transportation costs and the rapid growth of their business, they wanted to reduce these expenses by selecting the nearest delivery location from the client’s site.
With more than 250 locations worldwide, this was no easy feat but one that will hopefully ease some of the burdens on their growing team.
The company's old system could not keep track of different types of materials at the same time. The new system would handle any situation, and it was designed so that you can see everything in one place- from WIP data to SFG or FG status.
The company had been in the habit of giving discounts to some customers and not others. They wanted a way for their automated system to distinguish who got what discount so they could stop this practice but still be competitive with other companies that provided lower prices than them.
The current Microsoft Dynamics System Configuration is out-of-date and too expensive to upgrade. It's not scalable, leading to a gap in information between departments resulting in inventory mismanagement and customer service issues.
Ecommerce Manager, Raw Edge
Struggling with the problems, Raw Edge approached Redefine Dynamics to help them deal with their issues. We implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which helped them manage inventory data easily and have access to product-wise, location-wise, and up-to-bin-level inventory data with ease.

Microsoft Dynamic NAV enabled them to configure the system so that all overhead costs were covered to ensure accurate costing. We implemented MS D365 CRM to ensure that they could find their delivery locations, even if they are in remote areas. We have configured the longitude and latitude on each client, so there is a record of it later.
The system provided functionality to set product-wise routing process management options. It also provided data of RM, SFG, FG, and, WIP material data so that they could get the actual value of inventory. NAV provided a function where they could set payment terms and discounts customer-wise, product wise and geography wise so there was no need to manually enter such values.
The system itself showed configured value for respected products, customers, and locations. The system had been transformed to become a practical business tool with an easy-to-navigate location of mines & communication interface. As a result, workforce adoption increased, and lead generation strategies are now refined in this new environment.
Redefine Dynamics has developed an easy-to-use software that allows you to manage your business more effectively. It will help you maintain control over your inventory, increase efficiency and reduce costs.
Co-CEO, Raw Edge
With the up-gradation to NAV, Raw Edge has become an automated company. With online production and WIP entries, Raw Edge has reduced its workforce and has full control over its current inventories. With the reduction in their delivery time, they have enhanced their customer base.
The company has increased its sales as the sales user can now access the system remotely by the use of a laptop, desktop, mobile, or tablet for their day-to-day transactions. With the use of proper tools, Raw Edge today has expanded its business worldwide and is regarded as one of the best companies in terms of quality products.
Redefine Dynamics provides an affordable solution for managing your business from anywhere on any device at anytime while still giving you access to local support if you need it. Their system has been tested with over thousands of users across multiple industries allowing us to provide a customized experience tailored specifically for your needs based on industry best practices so we know what works!
Marketing Chief, Raw Edge
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