TLT Engineering saved time with a proper project management system.
TLT Engineering is a company engaged in the manufacturing of Fabrication Equipment. TLT Engineering Air Oil Flaregas faced issues with the older version of NAV 2009, which could not handle bulk transactions. Redefine Dynamics upgraded the program from 2009 to 2016 CU44 and encountered less data, more speed, and easier permission management.
  • They have saved time by managing multiple project timelines at once.
  • Optimize projects and finances with real-time alerts provided by the system.
  • Quickly access job progress through detailed summaries available in the system's dashboard.
  • Reduce travel expenses and increase profits.
TLT Engineering Air Oil Flaregas was facing an issue as the older version of NAV 2009 R2 lacked a few features and was not optimized to handle bulk transactions, which led the system to have more errors due to a lack of customization. The server ran into problems when it went live because multiple issues caused this paralysis on the go-live day.
The legacy system could not handle the large input of transactions per day and experienced degradation in performance. This led to a lag in transaction speed. Due to these challenges, management could not get the analytical reports they needed for making macro and micro-level decisions. The rapid growth of their business meant that old systems could not handle growing volumes with a rapidly changing complexity in data.
Before Redefine Dynamics, there was no effortless way to manage multiple projects at once. Project managers must deal with multiple timelines, projects, and clients. This makes managing the business a bit cumbersome.
Ecommerce Manager, TLT Engineering Air Oil Flaregas
Struggling with their challenges, TLT Engineering approached Redefine Dynamics to help them resolve the issue. We upgraded from Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 to Dynamics NAV 2016 (CU44), which was the latest version of NAV 2016 with many added functionalities, optimized SQL operations, enhanced speed, and the capability to handle a larger volume of data without compromising speed.
Enhanced Permission Management capabilities had made it much easier to manage the data and keep a tighter grip on what is being generated. This saved the company's time, money, and effort to prevent junk information from finding its way into any of your reports or databases. The company's product was also connected with Mobile Application and a Web browser to address On-the-Go and remote access requirements.
In-Built GST Suite as per the latest GST Amendments having GSTR 1, GSTR 2, 3B, etc. reduced manual drudgery of the Finance/Accounts department.
Redefine Dynamics is an innovative project management software that helps you manage all your projects in one place, so you can focus on your work instead of juggling between different systems.
Director of Technology, TLT Engineering Air Oil Flaregas
Today, TLT Engineering has expanded its business and has multiple divisions’ sales offices in different locations. They are dealing in government sector projects too which can continue for more than a year. The capability of turnkey project handling and billing also got covered.
Their existing Bank Guarantee Module was customized further to handle the Job-Wise management and application of Bank BG Limit to Bank Guarantee. This also optimized the BG Module by the fixation of multiple issues. At present, TLT can do 33 simultaneous transactions across Gujarat, which generated transactions of more than five crores. TLT is on its way to becoming the biggest Fabrication Equipment Manufacturer.
Redefine Dynamics is a software system designed specifically for contractors who work in different geographic areas where there may be several jobs going on simultaneously. This cloud-based solution allows users to access data from any location that has an internet connection so that they can stay up-to-date with all aspects of their business no matter where they happen to be at the time. The program also provides alerts whenever something needs your attention so that you never miss anything important again!
Sales and Marketing Manager, TLT Engineering Air Oil Flaregas