Precise Order Picking
Precise Order Picking
Picklists to pick items and fulfill your orders faster, and more Accurately
You can select orders from every sales channel along with 100% precision in

Omnichannel Inventory Management System

. Redefine Solutions provides various picking choices for retail businesses of any size. That improve your team’s efficiency, and you’re assured smooth

warehouse management

. It gives you a feeling that warehouse management is never easy before.
Enterprise-level hardware
Enterprise-level hardware
Update and track inventory with your barcode scanner easily
Omnichannel system empowers you with the choice of right hardware. Using the suggested scanner & hardware, you will be able to book in stock from any place in the warehouse, experience near-perfect order picking and total high-speed paperless stock management, everything as part of your

Omnichannel Inventory Management

System. A complete warehouse management system in your hand.
Picking batches
Picking batches
Get precise batching, picking and packing lists, automatically 
Instantly filter orders into precise picking batches. It is not required for your team to sort orders what things to pick and the right way to locate items.
Omnichannel inventory
management system filters orders into Picking Batches and calculates the quickest warehouse route, enabling pickers to concentrate on the task. It improves the efficiency and quality of teamwork wtih smooth
warehouse operations
Locate products instantly
Locate products instantly
Streamline your warehouse, to locate any product instantly 
Pinpoint precisely where the item located in which warehouse location. Discover where things are located within a few moments, categorized by aisle, shelf as well as sub-location. Later utilize our optimized picking lists to get orders completed in the minimum time possible.
Full team accountability
Full team accountability
Monitor every Team Members Movement in warehouse
Monitor every little thing any person does in the warehouse. Omnichannel Inventory Management System saves data on each action in every warehouse. This approach allows you to keep individual team members responsible for their errors - and prevent them from occurring again. It helps you in warehouse management with minimum mistakes.
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We help businesses leverage their stores to achieve the highest level of performance & profit, with features requested from our 300+ customers.
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Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions
Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions

We provide the platform and infrastructure necessary to scale quickly and increase revenue, with everything under one roof.

Enterprise Content Management System
Enterprise CMS
Develop engaging, personalized experiences across any device with a next-generation headless Content Management System.
NAV Implementation & Enhancement
NAV Implementation & Enhancement
Connect your eCommerce store with
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
& consolidate multiple systems into a single.
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