Kilitch Healthcare streamlines their business processes with a high-quality ERP system
Kilitch Healthcare manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Dosages was on its way to becoming a global business. The company needed an innovative and scalable solution to integrating quickly into different platforms without breaking anything else on-site or changing how users expected things to work in general.
Kilitch Healthcare needed a new ERP system, and Redefine Dynamics helped them find the best one for their needs.
  • It has reduced operational costs.
  • Increased Accuracy of data entry.
  • Fully automated major business processes.
  • Increased profitability.
  • The company has successfully reached international markets.
Kilitch Healthcare had to overcome many challenges as it became a global business. To grow with the new status, they needed an innovative and scalable solution that would be able to integrate quickly into different platforms without breaking anything else on-site or changing how users expected things to work in general.
With the company’s economy continued declining and low-cost competitors emerging, Kilitch Healthcare was looking for new ways to remain competitive. The company required compliance with stringent Pharmaceutical Industry Validation.
Our company was facing challenges with its business processes and needed to find a solution.
Director of Operations, Kilitch Healthcare
Kilitch Healthcare, on its way to becoming a global business, was facing tremendous challenges. It was in need of a dynamic company that can suggest the best ERP system to help them encounter its challenges. They approached Redefine Dynamics and asked them to resolve their issue.
With their company's increasing production and quality needs, we implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 which provided them with the opportunity to get more control over their typical pharma-based production process. We implemented Advanced BMR management which helped them keep a better track of all of the information in one centralized location that included reports on typical equipment and usual quality statistics.
We installed a few inventory managers that measured their current WIP at the end of every month and reduced it by any consumption during the previous calendar month, which was then added in enough stock to cover the next month's expected usage, which was calculated based on similar historical data from past years.
Redefine Dynamics is one such company that offers solutions to these problems. They have developed innovative products that help businesses increase profitability and productivity while reducing operational costs.
Senior Director, Kilitch Healthcare
With the up-gradation of the ERP system, Kilitch Healthcare has increased its profits and has successfully reached international markets. The company has fully automated major business processes to have more time for other things.
The automation of purchase invoice procurement and processing is a big help to the sales department it enabled them to focus on prepping incoming orders rather than spending hours creating invoices from scratch. This saves both money and man-hours.
With the use of proper tools and up-gradation to Dynamics NAV 2016, Kilitch Healthcare has expanded its business operations and is on its way to becoming the largest Pharmaceutical Dosages manufacturer.
Redefine Dynamics is the only enterprise-grade, fully automated end-to-end sales process management software that leverages Microsoft technology to deliver unprecedented levels of accuracy in data capture, automation, and visibility across your entire sales organization.
Vice President of Marketing, Kilitch Healthcare