KYB Conmat CRM installation increases productivity by 50%.
KYB Conmat is a proud leading manufacturer of hydraulic and electronic products for construction, automobiles, aircraft, trains, ships, and industrial applications. KYB Conmat needed to switch over to a new system because the old one was not viable for their needs.
KYB Conmat approached Redefine Dynamics to help them get a better ERP system, and we upgraded them from Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 to the latest version of NAV 2016 with improved performance.
  • World's largest shock absorber manufacturer.
  • Japan's Largest Transit Mixer manufacturer.
  • Can do simultaneous 33 transactions across Gujarat that generated transactions of more than 5 Cr.
  • Users can access the system remotely on laptops, desktops, mobiles, and tablets for their regular transactions.
KYB Conmat was facing an issue as the old version of NAV 2009 R2 was missing some features and wasn't optimized for handling bulk transactions, leading to errors. Customizations made by the local partner on top of this already unstable system led to more scope for error and live paralysis due to multiple live issues. The company’s old program's performance deteriorated as more and more people used it for their daily needs.
KYB Conmat’s old system was so outdated it could barely handle the number of transactions per day. The team went back to inspect what they had and observed that performance has degraded, leading them into a slump in their speed - slowing down work for everyone else on the project.
The trucking industry is a massive business. It's one of the largest industries in the world and it's growing every year. However, there are still plenty of problems that need to be solved.
Chief Digital Officer, KYB Conmat
KYB Conmat could not deal with their challenges and approached Redefine Dynamics to help them get the best ERP system for their business. We upgraded KYB Conmat from Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 to Dynamics NAV 2016 (CU44), which was the latest version of NAV 2016 with many added functionalities, optimized SQL operations, enhanced speed, and the capability to handle larger volumes of data without compromising speed.
This allowed for a much-improved performance in terms of faster loading times and saving time on reports that take hours or even days, depending on how often they are used. The new Enhanced Permission Management capabilities were installed, which helped stop the generation of junk data by users and generated correct and quality information.
To maintain compliance with the new GST requirements, we’ve provided a suite of tools that reduced manual drudgery for their finance and accounting departments. These include GSTR 1, 2, 3B, etc., making it much easier to keep in compliance while reducing tedium on all fronts.
A functionality of Request for Proposal and Notice to Proceed was developed by our Redefine Dynamics based on the requirements.
Redefine Dynamics has developed an application which can help solve many common problems with trucking businesses today including security, cost cutting, efficiency improvements etc.
Ecommerce Manager, KYB Conmat
With the up-gradation in NAV, KYB Conmat, today is the world’s largest shock absorber manufacturer. KYB is also Japan’s Largest Transit Mixer manufacturer. Today the company can do simultaneous 33 transactions at different locations across Gujarat, which generated Transactions of more than $700,000.
Today KYB can manage the quantum of transactions altogether. The BG module enabled the company to fix various issues in one go. Users can access the system remotely by Laptop, Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet for their regular transactions.
The new Redefine Dynamics CRM has helped them improve productivity by 50%. Now, they can easily track and manage customer interactions at all times using this cloud-based software tool.
Founder and Creative Director, KYB Conmat