Motif Engineering Gains Tool To Eliminate Manual Work And Focus On Expansion
Motif Engineering is a manufacturer of Precision Components. Motif Engineering was facing difficulty in dealing with their files.


Motif Engineering is a manufacturer of Precision Components. Motif Engineering was facing difficulty in dealing with their files. The company needed an upgrade for their software to better support Windows 10 and some features from previous versions and approached Redefine Dynamics.

  • It has reduced manual work.
  • They are expanding the team to focus on expansion.
  • They now have more than 6000 items in their database.
  • Have implemented a requisition module.


The old way of managing files was problematic for Motif Engineering. They found it difficult to search through and organize their archives on previous systems like Box or iCloud Drive because they didn’t have any tools available within those platforms to do so; all attachments were in one place, but not much else about them could be sorted by other criteria besides name and date modified.

In the past few years, there had been a significant increase in manual work because of a lack of module integration. The users need to maintain Excel sheets which caused duplication and frustration for both workers and leaders. Quality Control was a challenge as they had to take care of those parameters as per customer requirements.

In the event of subcontracting, it was the company’s duty to ensure that materials were not withheld from a specific job, and utilized all methods at our disposal.


Dealing with the problems, Motif Engineering approached Redefine Dynamics to resolve their issues. Previously, we implemented Navision 2013 R2, which was later upgraded from NAV from 2013R2 to 2016 due to its better compatibility with Windows 10 and some other features that were not possible before.

Seamless connectivity between the company's Mobile Application and the Web Browser was installed, which enabled them to browse products on an interactive map and view product reviews from around the world. Power BI Reports were installed that provided for addressing the Analytical capabilities of the Solution.

For sub-contracting material receipts, we provided a solution by which all the job issue entries were available for selection to select from. This made operations much easier, and it was possible to find an appropriate entry with just two clicks of the touch screen.


With the help of Redefine Dynamic’s suggestions, Motif Engineering, today has expanded its business. With the help of NAV today, they have reduced their manual work, and the team solely concentrates on business expansion.

At present, their database contains more than 6000 items, and has implemented a requisition module. They are on their way to becoming the biggest Precision Components Manufacturer.