Magento theme development: Get a custom-made theme for your store

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Our team will work with you to create a custom website module or programming script that does exactly what you need it to. Whether it's developing an e-commerce store, creating a custom login system, or building out a unique database interface, we've got you covered.
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Seamless migration from your existing eCommerce platforms is our specialty. We have proven methods in place designed specifically to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible for both your team and your customers. Plus, our team of experts is always here to guide you through every step of the process.
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  • A theme is a component of Magento that gives a consistent look and feel across the whole Magento application area. It includes everything from the overall appearance of the frontend to the backend administration interface. Themes use a combination of custom templates/layouts, CSS files, and images. They are designed to override or modify individual core Magento views, such as blocks, widgets, layouts, etc., providing a customized experience for end users. This customization happens via overriding existing resource files provided by third-party extensions or even creating our custom ones.
  • The success of every ecommerce project depends on how well it integrates into the existing customer base. If you want to ensure that your e-business gets off to a good start, hire us to build your Magento theme. Our team of experts provides the highest quality custom development services for Magento themes. We can develop high-end themes for both small businesses and large enterprises. Our Magento developers possess extensive knowledge about the Magento platform and its functionality. They use the latest technologies to deliver customized solutions that meet your requirements.
  • There are a few ways to create new Magento 2 themes. You can start with a blank theme, use a starter theme as a base, or modify an existing theme. Creating a blank Magento 2 theme is the best way to start from scratch. You can find more information about creating and customizing Magento 2 themes in the Magento developer documentation. If you want to use a starter theme as a base, then there are several options available. The Official Starter Theme is one of the most popular starter themes, and it provides a foundation for building custom themes. You can also use our starter theme, which is based on the official starter theme and includes additional features and enhancements.
  • The installation process of a custom theme differs depending on whether you are working with Magento 1 or Magento 2. If you are working with Magento 1, you will find out how to install a custom theme in this article. For Magento 2, follow this link. In both cases, the process starts with disabling caches. This step is necessary because otherwise, the theme won't be installed properly. Then, select Flush Magento Cache(s). After that, extract the archive. Now, you will find two folders — app/ and skin/. These folders contain files related to the theme. They include CSS, JavaScript, images, etc. Now, you need to upload the folder to the root directory of Magento. And there, you will see the list of themes. Click the Edit button next to the theme you want to use. On the General tab, you will see the URL where you can download the zip file. Upload the zip file to the root directory of your site. You have completed the installation of a custom theme for Magento 1 or 2.
  • There are many ways to learn Magento Development. Also, there are many tutorials available. Magento is a stunningly compelling e-business stage. In this miniseries, we'll figure out how to begin with the stage, get to know the wordings, set up a store and all related parts of it lastly, figure out how to tweak it to make it unique.
  • Website themes are standard and relatively cheap solutions. Advantages: Saving time – you buy it, deploy it, and it’s ready for use. Price – an average price is about $70-$200. Choice – You get a web store design with several possible layouts for different pages and blocks. Still, such themes often include some popular extensions and features (which usually you buy for additional costs). Customization - almost all themes can be customized. You can change colors, blocks, etc. Still, you are not able to change a design completely. Themes are always simple and standard solutions. Yet, the most crucial aspect of themes, is that there are a lot of additional JS and CSS that clutters your theme up and slows it down.