Nahar Gains A Solution To Get Paid Faster Than Ever Before
NAHAR, a Ceramic Frits & Glazes Manufacturer, was using in-house software designed as per their needs.


NAHAR, a Ceramic Frits & Glazes Manufacturer, was using in-house software designed as per their needs. Nahar Company wanted to increase transparency and reduce manual work. Struggling with challenges, Nahar approached Redefine Dynamics to help them get over their challenges.

  • Automated reminders when customers have outstanding dues.
  • Get a clear overview of how your inventory is doing in other locations with Item Journal.
  • Increase production capacity without the need for developers to make new programs.


To increase transparency and reduce manual work, it was important for Nahar to integrate. The team had to put in a lot of work just to compile the data for the report. They used at least four different sources and searched through each one thoroughly, compiling every bit they could find before it was ready.

They had to wait for each department to contribute their piece and then cross-reference the data which, was time-consuming.

The company had no visibility of historical account information, including order history and open invoices. They could see their current invoice or quote for the moment; nothing more than that.

The time-consuming manual entry for multiple teams combined with the ballooning costs from missing assets was a huge problem. The company was struggling to produce reports that would comply with government requirements.


Struggling with challenges, Nahar was searching for a dynamic company that could help it get over its challenges. They figured Redefine Dynamics to be the best one and approached them. The first thing we did was add Dynamic NAV to their ERP system.

Integration through an integrated system has given Plant and HO full transparency in their business. We installed automated workflows by which the accounting department can route reports to both internal and external reviewers on time without losing sight of who has approved them.

Microsoft's remote employees can log their time and materials with ease through a web-based interface. We developed an advanced functionality that allowed them to send payments advice emails directly into vendor inboxes which allowed them to stay up-to-date on their invoices and receipts. This new system was so efficient that it saved customers from calling or contacting any team member about this information.


With NAV's implementation of NAHAR’s database, today is managing three companies with three different data processes. Millions of people can now enjoy their favorite products of the company without having to worry about the prices or availability. Automated reminders are sent directly to customers to aware them of the outstanding dues.

To maximize their item's value, developers have developed Item Journal. Nahar has expanded its customers and vendor base along with an increase in production capacity.

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