NISH Group Has Improved Their Operations To Be More Efficient And Profitable

Nish Group, an Electrical Products Manufacturer & Automation Projects Executioner, was facing a lot of issues with the old ERP model.


Nish Group, an Electrical Products Manufacturer & Automation Projects Executioner, was facing a lot of issues with the old ERP model. Nish Group was facing trouble with material requirements planning, production scheduling, and transparency across the various company departments and levels of management; this led to uninformed decisions. Redefine Dynamics helped the Nish Group update their software to NAV 2016 with a Warehouse Management System, Real-Time Mobile Transactions, and other features.

  • Increased profitability.
  • It has improved operational efficiencies.
  • It reduced workload expenses.
  • More professional reporting.
  • Development and launch of a new business initiative.


With their business expanding, Nish Group was facing tremendous challenges. The company was severely lacking inefficient material requirement planning and production scheduling.

The lack of transparency across the business units and various levels of management has resulted in a complete breakdown between departments. Employees were not able to work collaboratively, which was negatively impacting the overall productivity of the company.

The company could not view the results of day-to-day operations in real-time, leading management and decision-makers to make uninformed decisions. This hindered the growth of business units and other aspects that may have been affected by these decisions.

Nish Group struggled to operate from a position of efficiency because they were unable to respond quickly and automatically with the help of automation. There was idle response time as operational work became more fragmented among employees. Project Management was complicated and required streamlining of the quotation creation, and expenses invoicing cycle.


Nish Group was searching for a dynamic company that would update its ERP system. They asked Redefine Dynamics to assist them with the best ERP model. We initially implemented NAV 2013R2, which was later upgraded to NAV 2016. The requisition management and project tracking sheet had been automated to track the stage-wise progress with cost.

Warehouse Management Systems was installed to provide complete visibility and inventory tracking. It provided a centralized place for managing orders and made sure that everything was accounted for. Real-Time Mobile Transactions was installed for Configurable Workflows.

We found an effective solution for material receipt. All job entries can be selected at once from the system to view and confirm in one go. We implemented Inventory Costing Flexibility apart from the standard pattern of FIFO and LIFO, based on individual projects.


With the up-gradation in their ERP system Nish Group, today has reached heights and is one of the leading Electrical Products Manufacturers & Automation Projects Executioner. End-to-end tracking of the production process and energy consumption details leads to improved operational efficiencies.

NAV has reduced the workload expenses and the complexities of the technical environment. Now they can easily comply with the government’s needs. More professional reporting has led to the development and launch of a new business initiative. With the use of the ERP system Nish, today is an automated company with its business expanded worldwide.