Phoenix Flexibles Export Products To Other Countries And Are Working On Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Phoenix Flexibles is a one-stop source for printed and laminated quality flexible packaging materials and pre-formed pouches.


Phoenix Flexibles is a one-stop source for printed and laminated quality flexible packaging materials and pre-formed pouches. It was established in 2010 by a team with more than five decades of experience in the industry. Within a very short span, it established itself as a quality supplier to many leading Indian and International brands.

Phoenix Flexibles needed an integrated system to track finance and inventory data. Phoenix Flexibles found that Redefine Dynamics' Microsoft Dynamics NAV software was the best way to recover from their lot of challenges, and it has helped them with tedious tasks.

  • It is expanding business to other countries.
  • They are saving time by using bar codes and scanners.
  • Price is competitive compared to competitors.
  • Exports 30% of what they create.
  • Provide sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for food packaging.


Phoenix Flexibles’ main problem arose mainly because there was no integrated system to track finance and inventory data. Production, sales, purchase, etc; data was on excel sheets which made it impossible to manage the information in a centralized place that was accessible by different stakeholders. The company was left powerless to make informed decisions about the future as it could not rely on data.

They were already in a slump, but it looked like things would only get worse without accurate information. The manual process for gathering data required too much time and effort from employees who had more important work to do than manually collecting this info, which led them to feel overworked because there wasn't enough manpower working on other tasks due to resources diverted elsewhere as well.

The exact amount of raw material consumed was unknown, as the weight was done manually, and many times, some RM-like solvents got over-consumed. The Import Export Trade data was very difficult to manage and less accurate with the hassle of manually doing it. The company's sales quotation process was not accurate due to the fact that it was prepared manually. They couldn’t backtrack material in the absence of a proper system.


Struggling with a lot of challenges, Phoenix Flexibles was searching for a dynamic company that would help them recover from the challenges. Phoenix found Redefine Dynamics to be the best for them. We implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV which changed the quality of life of employees at the company.

They can focus on their work without the tedious process of entering data and generating reports. All required reports were available with a few clicks, and it was possible to generate consolidated reports in seconds without any manual intervention. We have integrated MS Dynamic NAV with their production system, which allowed them to get accurate data on RM used in producing units/batches.

Now they can make sure that nothing was wasted and plan accordingly for future orders. We implemented EXIM, which helped to manage documentation as per statutory requirements for Pre-shipment, and post-shipment documents. It also helped to manage the claims for EPCG, Duty Drawback, and advance licensing. Automatically generated accurate sales quotations by taking into account the product, materials, and printing types.

This saved time for the company's sales team, which can be spent on other tasks that need to be done, such as preparing quotes or maintaining accuracy in multiple versions of a quotation. Batch Management was also implanted to facilitate backtracking.


With the up-gradation to NAV, Phoenix Flexible’s database, today contains more than 50,000 items from different verticals. They have a customized functionality system for purchase and sales. A Bar Code system has been adopted for FG item rolls.

Phoenix Flexible is an emerging leader in the flexible packaging field; the company provides customers with sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to keep their food fresh. In addition to producing innovative new products for a diverse customer base, they also export 30% of what they create overseas annually.

The company has expanded its business and has become the leading supplier to many Indian and International brands.