Parsons Kellogg Gains the Ability to Track Inventory in Real Time
Parsons Kellogg, a company dealing in Magento/Punchout products. Parsons Kellogg had the challenge of implementing the project in four months from a remote location. They needed to synchronize data with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to keep track of and update changes. The company Parsons Kellogg found to help them complete their project was Redefine Dynamics. They helped with installing Power BI Reports and the Performance Analysis Report.
  • Legitimate real-time balance sheet.
  • Inventory visibility.
  • It has acquired ability the to predict required quantities of materials.
  • Generate a real-time balance sheet.
  • Has improved relationships with customers and suppliers.
The major challenge before Parsons Kellogg was the timeline of the project; they had to implement the project in a period of four months from a remote location. They had to consume fewer licenses for as many users as possible, and they used 40 licenses when there were more than 150.

They wanted to synchronize data from their website into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. They needed the synchronization of every 10 seconds for sales orders to keep track of and update any changes on both ends with accuracy.
Parsons Kellogg needed integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the two major Add-ons such as Charge Logic for credit card payments and Avalara for USA taxation.
The company needed an Advanced Warehousing System and a Gift Card system. They required the systems for giving discounts to their customers.
Our business was still using paper-based systems to manage a lot of our financial data. This is a huge problem because it makes it impossible for companies to keep track of inventory, assets, and liabilities in real time.
Company Lead, Parsons Kellogg
To complete the project within time, Parsons Kellogg was looking for a dynamic company that would help them. They found Redefine Dynamics to be the best one.
We upgraded the system with power BI Reports. Power BI Reports is a powerful and flexible tool that can be used for analytical purposes. Now they had access to data within their company. The Performance Analysis Report was installed that used to calculate Target vs. Achievement statistics for all departments.
The report provided information on the progress of achieving goals and identifying what areas needed improvement to meet the targets. To resolve the issue of the gift card system, we implemented Gift Voucher Report. 4*2 Label Report was installed for Shipment related challenges.
The new warehouse management system was installed last and successfully integrated with Avalara and Charge Logic which provided an added level of efficiency in the company's operations had been a huge success. An Automatic Order was integrated with the web service.
Redefine Solutions built us a cloud-based solution that allows our businesses to track our inventory levels in real-time, so there's no guessing about how much stock is available at any given moment. This tool also helps with forecasting future demand by analyzing trends from past sales data, which makes it easier for companies to plan ahead for growth opportunities.
Head of Consumer Products, Parsons Kellogg
The major advantage of using NAV software is that it allows Parsons Kellogg to generate a real-time balance sheet. They can now determine the company’s overall health and well-being, as they can make changes if needed before running into any issues down the line. Advanced warehousing has improved relationships with customers and suppliers.
With the high visibility of inventory and the ability to schedule the receipt of shipments, both supply and demand chains are optimized using advanced warehousing.
The planning engine has helped to predict the required quantities of the materials for production. With proper tools, Parsons Kellogg today has expanded its business worldwide and is regarded as one of the best companies in terms of quality products.
Redefine Solutions offers an innovative cloud-based solution that allows you to streamline your accounting processes by eliminating the need for physical ledgers, purchase orders, or spreadsheets. They provide an automated system that keeps track of all your financial data and ensures that everything is automatically updated as soon as new transactions occur. Their software also helps you generate reports which can be used to analyze information related to sales, profit margins, and other critical metrics.
Chief Brand Officer, Parsons Kellogg