Automation of repetative task for Roechling Engineering gained leading tp success in business
Roechling Engineering Plastics, manufacturer of injection molded products. The company had inefficient Excel-based formulas that were tedious and time-consuming. There was an issue with the material tracking, production-specific features, and tedious data for product costing calculations. Redefine Dynamics helped Roechling Plastics to overcome its challenges with Microsoft's latest software and added new features.
  • They have reduced the time taken for work by automating.
  • Allowed the team to focus on more important aspects of their business.
  • Maintains a competitive edge with increased productivity from less manual work.
The main challenge before Roechling Engineering Plastics was inefficient Excel-based formulas that created a tedious and time-consuming process for the workers. There was a lack of Sync in tracking the material used as per the running work orders. As a result of the Excel templates, they had to rely on mundane data that was not useful.
Production-specific features and functionalities for the Thermoplastic Industry were missing as per the different forms of plastic molding processes. The pain of getting the numbers for product costing calculations was always a task. Getting accurate sales information to derive actual profit on a monthly or quarterly basis was tedious and difficult.
Businesses are finding it harder to compete and stay ahead of their competitors. The pace is only increasing, but the available resources are not keeping up with that speed.
Controller, Roechling Engineering Plastics
Redefine Dynamics helped Roechling Plastics to overcome its challenges. We have upgraded to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an excellent way for the company's IT department to stay ahead of today’s emerging trends. Auto E-mail Functionality was provided in case of Sales Order while sending confirmation report. We provided them with the feature for entering scrap quantity process-wise.
Parameters Selection for the making of semi-finished and finished good items in the Item Master. Parameters Selection for the making of semi-finished and finished good items in the Item Master. Report, and Analytics customization was done to the specifications of each client, ensuring they get exactly what fits their specific needs.
The problem is that most companies are stuck with old-school software that's not built for the modern world. These tools were designed for an era when business was done in person or over the phone. They don't work well in today's digital age where everything happens online.
Digital Director, Roechling Engineering Plastics
With up-gradation in their, ERP, Roechling has developed a huge customer base. With less manual work, the team can now focus solely on branding and developing new products. Today, Roechling is the leading injection molded products manufacturer.
Redefine Dynamics has developed an AI-based platform known as R2i (Robotic Process Automation) which helps companies with automation across various industries like healthcare, financial services & insurance etc., without any coding needed. It provides end-to-end automation solutions including process design and development; deployment; monitoring and reporting through its highly intuitive user interface. The best part about it is that it improves productivity at a much lower cost than other artificial intelligence platforms available in the market today!
Company Lead, Roechling Engineering Plastics
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