Transpek is helped by getting a increase in their production capacity, reduce duplication of work, and manual labour.
Transpek is a manufacturer of chemicals. Transpek was using a customized ERP system, which caused an increase in manual work. Transpek was having trouble managing their deliveries and found Redefine Dynamics to help them. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, Transpek can see the amount of inventory they have daily and take steps to reduce it monthly.
  • Transpek has increased production capacity.
  • It has reduced manual work and duplication of work.
  • Helped identify which product is more in demand.
Previously, Transpek used a customized ERP system that had no modules integrated with others leading to an increase in manual work. This made them use Excel sheets which caused duplication of the same task and decreased employee efficiency.
The communication between the server and its clients became a struggle for dominance as they battled against one another over who would have control during each transaction; it seemed like only one side could win this war at any given time. The organization was stuck in limbo as it lacked analytical reports for both Macro and Micro level decisions.
As a chemical manufacturer, they were facing challenges to manage formulation, compliance, Quality Control, traceability-related issues, inventory control, costing, etc. also difficulty to freeze the BOM.
We were facing the challenge of increasing its production capacity while maintaining quality, reducing manual work and duplication of work.
Vice President of Marketing, Transpek
Transpek was constantly losing customers due to delays in delivery and was looking for a company that would help them resolve their challenge. They came across Redefine Dynamics and approached them to help them cope with their challenges.
To help them deal with the challenges, we implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and MS SQL server. We suggested that they use Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and put their production & consumption on a daily basis. This will ensure an accurate measure of WIP at month-end and reduce it for next month’s budgeting purposes by subtracting from both sides of the equation.
In addition, we installed a new program, Indent, that tracked the movement of materials and stock before it is sent off. This made sure that we moved things in tandem rather than all over the place. Engineering included modifications and updating done to fix problems with equipment. These were made to ensure better maintainability, reliability, and availability of the machine or product.
The problem with our current system was that it required too many people to do one task, and this caused delays in production increased cost, and low quality.
CIO, Transpek
With the up-gradation in their ERP system, Transpek has increased its production capacity and solely focuses on branding. With automated financial data, they have reduced manual work and duplication of work which has reduced cost and 50% man-hours. With NAV, they can identify patterns in inventory and help them to figure out which product is more in demand. Transpek is on the way to becoming the biggest leading chemical manufacturer.
Redefine Dynamics helped us improving our process by integrating all three machines into one machine for both injection molding and blow molding. This saved our time and money, as well as improved efficiency. It also allowed our employees to focus on other tasks instead of wasting their time on repetitive tasks like cleaning up after each run or moving parts from one machine to another.
Customer Service Manager, Transpek