UPCNET helped to automate ERP system in order to save time and reduce errors.
UPCNet, a Spain-based company in consulting and technology service area, helps boost business agility through the best use of ICT. Provides services to different university entities and institutions. Technological expertise is equally comprehensive and includes Analytics & Big Data, knowledge management and talent, corporate applications, Cloud Computing, and managed services.
UPCNet Spain had to upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 before they would be able to use Business Central. UPCNet approached Redefine Dynamics to help them deal with the challenges they were having. They upgraded to Business Central and improved their software, which will allow for increased performance of AL Extensions.
  • An automated ERP system saves time and reduces errors.
  • Regional Language offers increased customer satisfaction.
  • Full integration with third-party invoicing increases productivity.
  • Successful IT consulting company that is continually innovating.
UPCNet Spain had to upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 before they would be able to use Business Central. They were also using their local language, Catalan, which made this task more difficult than it needed. They needed to convert the whole customization from C/AL code to AL Extension in Business Central.
Direct access to the database in the Business Central SaaS model was also not available. So, the challenge was to migrate data from the on-premises SQL server to the Business center. They need to send XML files in a specific format from the business center and get an acknowledgment for it. Apart from this, they also wanted automatic tests without user interaction to do a full auto-testing of main customized transactions on top of all other processes.
Businesses know that they need to keep up with the latest technology, but it is hard to find a good Microsoft Dynamics System Configuration.
Controller, UPCNet Spain
Struggling with challenges, UPCNet approached Redefine Dynamics to help them deal with their challenges. By upgrading to Business Central, improved functionality was taken, and new features, and enhanced capabilities that can boost productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer service.
With the help of Microsoft Integration Runtime, we migrated data from their on-premises SQL server to Business Central. This allowed more time and resources for innovation without sacrificing performance or accuracy in reporting. To send the invoices to the third-party solution, we generated a runtime XML file in the specific format in AL and sent it to the third-party solution using API with the help of Dot Net.
Redefine Dynamics is an innovative company that solves this problem with their automated software solution. They have developed a platform that allows you to customize your business’s needs so that it fits seamlessly into your workflow. This means no more costly implementation or maintenance fees, just affordable monthly payments for the best Microsoft Dynamics System Configuration in the industry.
Digital Director, UPCNet Spain
With up-gradation in their ERP system, UPCNet has developed a huge customer base. With less manual work, the team can now focus solely on branding and developing innovative ideas. They now have regional language support in their Business Central. Business Central integration with the third-party solution to send an Invoice. UPCNet is on its way to becoming a leading IT Consulting Company.
Redefine Dynamics offers custom software development services for all industries including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and more. We offer a wide range of IT consulting services such as system integration & implementation, application maintenance & support along with project management for large scale projects across various industries.
Vice President, Recreation Category, UPCNet Spain