Varmora improves their customer service as well as save time on paperwork.
Varmora is the leading ceramic product manufacturer in India. Their product ranges from Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, and sanitary ware. Sources from popular international organizations like Sacmi Italy and Itaca Spain. It started as a small plant in 1994 and is now home to Italian machinery capable of sustained production quality and strength.
Varmora's trading software was causing problems as it had no integration between the stock reservation and purchase location. Varmora found Redefine Dynamics to be the best company for them that could solve their issues. Microsoft NAV allowed them to manage their transactions, and workflow helped with document approval.
  • They have improved efficiency by using NAV.
  • Use production schedule with demand management logic to reduce manual data handling.
  • Have a vast network of retail outlets and dealers across the country.
  • Utilize their large number of professionals for strong customer service.
Trading purchase was a challenging issue for Varmora as there was no Integration between the Trading location and stock reservation. It was directly affected by the order confirmation. The system was running slow and experiencing frequent lockups.
The manual process for reports took too much time, so they started to notice that it would freeze up before the end of the report, sometimes even showing a “not responding” message while still working in other areas on their screen. The company was having difficulty with a slow and unstable system that would freeze up.
As the business grew, more transactions were being put into the accounting database resulting in an even slower computer for employees to work on while frustrating users who had their data compromised because of it. They were also facing issues with Production. Their manufacturing schedule was not up to date, and they needed a system that could predict demand. The company was lacking in maintaining receivables and payables.
Managing inventory and supply chains is a complex task. It can be difficult to manage the information of thousands of products, hundreds of suppliers, and millions in revenue all while keeping costs down.
Senior Director, Varmora
With their issue increasing day by day Varmora searched for a dynamic company and found Redefine Dynamics to be the best one that could resolve issues.
We implemented NAV which enabled them to manage their transaction volumes. After implementing the Microsoft Dynamics process improved, and now there aren’t any performance issues.
Based on the pain areas, we suggested using the basic warehouse management that allowed them to track inventory at different locations and bins.
Also, they have started to adapt workflow functionality for document approval and use a scheduling process to handle complex batch jobs. It reduced the effort overall required to execute jobs in the day interval.
Redefine Solutions are using NAV to reduce this manual work and increase their efficiency. This has helped them improve their customer service as well as save time on paperwork. It has also saved them money, which they have invested in hiring more employees for better customer service.
Director of Operations, Varmora
By implementing the suggestions given by Redefine Dynamics, Varmora today has expanded its business. The Company has seen a significant improvement in performance after switching to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The improved efficiency means the employees can work much more quickly and easily, which is great for all involved.
NAV allowed the manufacturer to route orders directly into the production schedule using demand management logic now, they have a production schedule and no manual data handling. Today Varmora has a vast network of more than 5000 retail outlets and over 700 dealers and also runs around 20 branch offices with more than 1200 professionals across the country.
If you want reliable software, experienced personnel, and good customer service then contact Redefine Dynamics today!
Chief Digital Officer, Varmora