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why Redefine for BigCommerce?
Fast becoming the go-to platform in the headless eCommerce architecture, BigCommerce allows us to create quality personalized content experiences. We create strategized, user-driven, visually appealing, and sophisticated technology-empowered intuitive experiences.
Features like the built in  BigCommerce SEO control makes it the optimal choice if you are a small business or just starting.
Our Bigcommerce web designers help you run your business on more than just a website through a sleek design and prime functionality.
A platform backed by a robust front-end and back-end framework allows us to let you focus on sales while handling your webstore.


Every aspect of your BigCommerce enterprise is consolidated under one single roof. To help achieve your business goals, the BigCommerce stores are designed from the start (building) to finish (scaling) through a holistic approach. Our Bigcommerce custom design and development solution allow us to develop fast, easily accessible, compliant and mobile friendly stores.
  • BigCommerce Custom Development
  • BigCommerce Theme Development
  • BigCommerce Replatforming
  • BigCommerce End Development
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Data into overly complex spreadsheets is inot deal for business. We connect your online store to the backend retail operations by integrating product, customer, and order information between BigCommerce and ERP, CRM and custom third party API integrations. There is simply no integration we cannot create for your BigCommerce store
  • ERP Integrations
  • CRM Integrations
  • Headless BigCommerce Solutions
  • Custom BigCommerce API Integration
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Conversion-driven UX/UI is not just about making things look pretty as engaging user-centric designs help retain customers. The mobile-first design approach allows us to create custom responsive and adaptive designs that offer a seamless frictionless experience to your end-users. Designing an experience that will leave them wanting more is crucial.
  • BigCommerce  UI/UX Design
  • Mobile & Responsive Design
  • BigCommerce Design Systems
  • BigCommerce Theme Development
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Dont Just take our word for it!


When you have a super-duper-specific requirement and not an app for it, well, we will make it for you! With a team that's experienced in both BigCommerce and developing applications, there are no limits to what we can build for you. If you have an idea but lack the resources or expertise, let us make it happen! Mobile-first ecommerce is our philosophy that allows us to build progressive BigCommerce iPhone and Android apps
  • Mobile first Ecommerce
  • BigCommerce iOS Apps
  • BigCommerce Android Apps
  • Progressive Web apps
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Migrating from one platform to another involves many headaches and coffee, neither of which are good for you! To ensure your well-being, we offer a hands-on solution for ecommerce re-platforming.
No two websites are identical; neither are two platform migrations. It does not involve a lot of creativity, just a ton of hard work to list down and integrate each element of non-standard functionality. Designs, applications, and other custom-developed features are integrated seamlessly with the new platform ensuring that everything is synced, integrated, and functioning the way you want it to be
  • eCommerce Replatforming
  • Seamless Integration
  • Headless BigCommerce
  • BigCommerce Custom Development
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For your business, data is the starting point, not the end. Having had a front-row seat to high volume ecommerce re-platforming, data migration is a daunting task. Customer orders, product lists, and order inventory are all data that is turned into information, and ultimately, this information turns into insights that help your business.
Creating custom fields and renaming specific values ensures that all your data find some room in your business's new home. Even though the platform will not be the same, we put all our efforts to make data accessible.
  • BigCommerce Store Migration
  • Big data migration
  • Product Feed Migration
  • Post Migration Considerations
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Time really is money in the eCommerce world. We will make your store lightning-fast that doesn't damage your bounce rate and hurt your conversion. Fixing bugs, upgrades and maintenance and security and patching are included in our BigCommerce support on demand, so the speed of your business growth and the store are not affected.
Through continuous performance and speed review, security updates and upgrades, proactive monitoring, technical and code audit, and A/B site testing, we ensure that your store is helping you achieve your business objectives.
  • Performance & Speed Review
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Technical & Code Audit
  • A/B Site Testing
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A solid digital strategy roadmap outlines both what you want to achieve and how you're going to get here. A combination of quality content, optimization of BigCommerce apps, and easy-to-load designs is our secret sauce to increase traffic to your store. Growth hacking marketing techniques, including a targeted and intentional SEO strategy, PPC, and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), help your business achieve rapid and sustainable growth.
Advanced automation and reporting tools allow us to make small changes to your store for significant impact.
  • Social Media Integration
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • PPC & SEO Management
  • Facebook Marketplace Integration
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With customers opting for omnichannel routes to access multiple touchpoints, we streamline and connect your online and offline touchpoints through BigCommerce supported POS to offer them a cohesive shopping experience.
  • BigCommerce Revenue Strategy
  • BigCommerce Consulting
  • Mobile first layout
  • Payment Gateway
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There are no boundaries in the online world, which you know is key to expanding your business. But knowing something and how to do it are completely two different things. International commerce is THE big thing in the new normal. We'll provide strategic direction level to help your business grow globally through BigCommerce Plus's innovative suite of resources.
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Multistore Management
  • Forecasting and BI
  • POS and Retail
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If there is a solution you need to us to build, we will do it!
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