Casper Pharma Eliminates Manual Work And Saves Time With Tree View

Casper Pharma is a dynamic New Jersey-based company that provides support surfaces, safe patient handling, bariatric equipment, and NPWT.


Casper Pharma is a dynamic New Jersey-based company that provides support surfaces, safe patient handling, bariatric equipment, and NPWT. Grown dramatically in the long-term, acute, and home care markets. Provide Medicare and Medicaid and acts as a preferred provider for managed care organizations, insurance companies, and private families.

The company was having trouble keeping up with their deliveries, and the drivers were unsure of which zone or territory they needed to deliver to. They had a problem with delivery times and found Redefine Dynamics to help them discover their driver zones.

  • Reduced the amount of manual work done.
  • Less confusion with drivers and suppliers.
  • Fast delivery times.
  • More time spent on branding.
  • Tree View has enabled us to be the leading medical equipment seller.


Casper Pharma ran a business for over a decade and spans across the healthcare industry, dealing in purchasing/selling medical equipment to hospitals and medical stores all around. They need to deliver heavy bulk of medical equipment as and when orders are processed for shipping.

The company faced the challenge of maintaining excel lists of equipment delivery details with the driver's specifications for different zones and territories. The drivers were also asked in what zone or territory their orders were delivered to avoid making any mistakes in delivering them.

The company was in a tricky situation as sometimes drivers were assigned zones that they weren’t familiar with, and sometimes it resulted in dispatch delays. For example, if there were three orders for the east zone and two for the west zone,

Then both of those would get sent to one driver, which could lead to long wait times before an order is delivered because he must travel from one area back across town so that he can deliver another order on his way home.


Casper Pharma was constantly losing customers due to Delivery delays and was looking for a company that would help them resolve their challenge. They came across Redefine Dynamics and approached them to help them cope with their challenges.

To resolve the driver delivery zone issue, we implemented tree view, with the help of which Casper Pharma can now see drivers and their zone in a glance and enables them to quickly organize which driver is best for the job at hand without having to search through several screens or pages.

We installed an automated system for customer service that ensures that every order they input into the MRP process will automatically be assigned an indent level, RFQ procedure, and buyer so there's less work for the team to do throughout a given day. Truckers at the warehouse had a code for deciding which orders are scheduled to be delivered on any given day. When the order was successfully delivered, we posted entries in our NAV system.

This provided seamless integration of data from Tree View and historical deliveries which, gave the company an accurate view. In Tree View, we added certain functionality that enabled scheduling drivers for shipment directly from the tree view page.


With up-gradation in their ERP system, Casper Pharma has developed a huge customer base. With less manual work, the team is now able to focus solely on branding and developing new products. Tree View has reduced delivery time with less confusion in the minds of the drivers.

Today, Casper Pharma is the leading seller of medical equipment and has customers all across the globe.

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