Manzi Valley Improves Turnover Rate By At Least 10% In Just Four Months

Manzi Valley is one of the first bottled water manufacturers from Zambia.


Manzi Valley is one of the first bottled water manufacturers from Zambia. Manzi Valley's most visible problem was its sales and delivery network, which led to transportation costs, loss of new opportunities, and poor efficiency in deliveries.

The Fuel Requisition module helps managers track inventory, sales, and payments.

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  • Can do simultaneous 33 transactions across Gujarat that generated transactions of more than 5 Cr.
  • Users can access the system remotely on laptops, desktops, mobiles, and tablets for their regular transactions.


The most visible issue Manzi Valley was facing was its sales and delivery network. They were managing huge sales forces with no system, which resulted in transportation costs, loss of new opportunities, and poor efficiency on deliveries. Initially, an African partner was in charge of the first Dynamic NAV implementation resulting in a failure that cost them heavily.

This caused the owners to be doubtful about the system they used. The company also required tight control over working capital as they were facing significant

Losses due to inventory piling up. The company was at risk of not being able to do its production forecast and material requirement planning. With the rising fuel prices, they needed to find a way to keep overhead down. Fuel was an integral part of their delivery and operating costs.

Despite the company's best efforts to keep up with modern software, it was difficult for them because of their budget constraints and what they were required by law. A lot of time and effort went into financial MIS & statutory reporting, which could be better used elsewhere to make things run more smoothly.

Fixed asset depreciation was calculated manually, a tedious process that wastes valuable manpower hours doing something computers would do much faster if given access to data from transactions like sales or purchases.


After one failure of implementing Dynamic NAV Manzi Valley, was searching for a dynamic company that can offer them the best ERP system to meet their challenges. They found Redefine Dynamics to be the best to help them resolve their challenges.

We implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV along with the integration of a Handheld Printer and Android application, which were easily managed dealer network and sales force. The live Status of Delivery fleets can be tracked from Dynamics NAV. We installed the Production module, which was a game-changer for Manzi Valley. With the Fuel Requisition module, Fleet managers can control their fuel expenses and get needed information about fleet mileage, performance, and maintenance schedules.

We installed automated workflows that helped them get Financial MIS reports and track the trail balances from the system directly. Now, they can calculate depreciation, bank reconciliation, and year closing in a single click, taking days before. Managers were able to have a constant view of their inventory and sales through the help of handheld devices. They were also able to keep track of payments, truckloads, and routes with this technology too.


Manzi Valley, with the up-gradation today, has ten provinces in Zambia and has developed a market presence in all the neighboring countries. Now they can reach and maintain more accurate levels of stock while continuing to make money hand over fist.

Shifting from manual to automated work has reduced the working hours, and the team can focus solely on branding and expanding business. With the help of automated production planning and a definite sales force, their turnover increased in just a span of four months. Today Manzi Valley is the biggest bottled water manufacturer in Zambia.

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