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We will help you to create a unique store that attracts a large number of customers
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We provide a modern commerce platform to meet the unique customer needs
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Our teams provide everything you need to meet your customers' expectations.
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 Our software provides insights into customer behavior so that you can make data-driven decisions about which products to promote, how to price them, and where to place them on your page. We also recommend changes that can be made to your product pages in order to improve conversions.
Boost sales and profit with personalization technology
 Our platform provides the technology needed to personalize the shopping experience for each individual customer. We do all of the data collection and analysis for you, so you can focus on what you do best - making great products and providing excellent customer service.
Transform your business into a customer-centric machine
Our system integrates with existing in-store systems to provide a consistent customer experience across channels. This will help you stay ahead of the competition and increase sales through improved customer satisfaction.
Get more sales and leads with our recommendations
Our marketing effectiveness recommendations will help you identify your target market, create targeted promotions, and automate your email marketing for better results.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Commerce is a cloud-based business solution that helps retailers and other businesses create unique customer experiences across channels. It offers features for merchandising, price management, order management, marketing, and financials.

    With Dynamics 365 for Commerce, businesses can manage their customers' purchase histories and preferences to provide personalized recommendations tailored to each customer's needs. They can also create targeted marketing campaigns using sophisticated analytics tools to understand shopper behavior and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. And they can process orders quickly and easily while ensuring accurate financial reporting.
  • A few key functionalities are essential for E-commerce Dynamics 365 for Ecommerce. First, the system needs to process and track orders efficiently. It should also be able to manage inventory levels and keep track of customer data. Additionally, the system should be able to generate reports on sales activity and performance. Finally, the system must be easy to use so merchants can manage their online stores without problems.
  • Some benefits of D365 Integrated Ecommerce include:
    -A reduction in the time it takes to process and fulfill orders and improved accuracy.
    -One central platform for all sales and order processing activity, from initial customer contact to post-sales support.
    -Seamless integration with other Dynamics 365 modules and external applications and platforms.
    -The ability to manage inventory levels and price points more effectively to improve gross margins and boost overall profitability.
    -Faster and easier access to real-time sales data, which can be used to inform marketing, merchandising, and production decisions.
  • Dynamics 365 Commerce is a cloud-based, omnichannel commerce solution that helps businesses drive higher revenue and efficiency. The solution enables businesses to attract and engage customers across channels, provide personalized shopping experiences, optimize sales and operations, and drive growth.
    Some key features of Dynamics 365 Commerce include:
    - A cloud-based platform that provides scalability and flexibility to support your growing business
    - An omnichannel commerce solution that helps you reach your customers wherever they are shopping – online, in-store, or elsewhere
    - Personalized shopping experiences that help you build customer loyalty and drive conversions
    - Sales optimization features to help you maximize revenue and profitability
    - Built-in best practices based on Microsoft
  • Absolutely. Dynamics 365 Commerce is a model-driven app that uses the Data Management Framework to provide a complete set of product, customer, pricing, and stocking data management capabilities. It enables you to configure and manage your online store quickly and easily without writing code. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 products, so you can extend your reach to even more customers.
  • Some of the benefits of D365 Integrated Ecommerce include:
    - Reduced Costs: With a single integrated system, you can avoid the need to purchase and maintain multiple standalone systems. This can save you time and money.
    - Seamless Integration: The different modules within D365 Integrated Ecommerce work together seamlessly, providing a cohesive and unified experience for your customers. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    - Greater Efficiency: Automating business processes can increase efficiency, allowing you to get more done in less time. This leads to greater productivity and profitability.
    - Increased Flexibility: The modular design of D365 Integrated Ecommerce allows you to tailor the system to fit your specific needs, ensuring that it meets your unique