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Payroll Dynamics-Complete compliance with all federal and state regulations

We provide a comprehensive suite of services that are easy to use and compliant with all federal and state regulations.
Technical support
We are experts in providing technical support for payroll systems.
Our easy-to-use payroll software takes the hassle out of paying your employees.
Highly Accurate
Accurate payroll calculations so you can focus on your business.
Resolve issues
Our payroll solution helps you resolve issues quickly and easily.
The stress-free payroll solution
Our software automates the entire process, taking the stress out of completing your payroll each month. Plus, our software is backed by expert customer support, so you can rest assured that you're always getting the best possible service.
Get pinpoint accuracy with our software
Accuracy is the solution to avoiding these costly mistakes. With our software, you can be assured that your payroll will be processed with pinpoint accuracy, reducing the chances of human error.
Safe and secure data processing
We are experts in compliance with all federal, state, and local labor laws. We offer a variety of services to fit your needs, from online payroll processing to complete HR management. Your data is safe and secure with us.
Access your payroll from anywhere
Our experts offer online access from anywhere, making it easy for you to manage your payroll no matter where you are. With our online system, you can easily input employee hours and paychecks, track deductions and taxes, and generate reports. Plus, our customer service team is available 24/7 to help with any questions or problems.
  • Payroll NOW is a seamlessly integrated payroll solution that offers flexibility, convenience, and affordability all in one package. Business Central is a complete business management solution that helps you run your business more efficiently and effectively. Payroll NOW integrates seamlessly with Business Central so you can manage your payroll more easily and efficiently. With Payroll NOW, you can:
    -Control when your employees get paid
    -Access detailed reports on employee hours, earnings, and deductions
    -View and manage employee vacation/sick time
    -Run payroll from anywhere with an internet connection
    -Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your payroll is handled expertly and securely
  • Yes, Microsoft Dynamics does payroll. Microsoft Dynamics is a top-rated payroll software solution for small and medium businesses. Microsoft Dynamics offers a complete suite of payroll features, including direct deposit, tax filing, and employee self-service. Microsoft Dynamics integrates with other Microsoft products like Office 365 and SharePoint, making it a potent tool for businesses.
  • Yes, Microsoft Business Central can be used to process payroll. In addition to the core payroll features, Business Central also includes tools for managing employee benefits, tracking vacation time, and more
  • A Business Payroll is a list of employees and the amount of money each employee will pay during a set time. The list is compiled by taking the total wages earned by employees during the given time and dividing it by the number of hours worked. This gives a per-hour wage amount which is then listed next to each employee's name on the payroll sheet.
  • Yes, you can use Office 365 Payroll. Microsoft has a separate payroll service that is available for an additional cost. This service integrates with Office 365 and provides all the features and functionality of a typical payroll service. If you have Office 365, you can add the payroll service to your account and start using it immediately.
  • The term "Payroll" is derived from the Old French word pale meaning "wages" or "salary". The word most likely entered English usage sometime in the late 13th century. In early Modern English, the term was used to refer to all payments made to employees, including those not related to wages or salary, such as reimbursements for expenses. By the early 20th century, the term had evolved specifically to refer to wages and salaries alone.
    While there are many theories as to how and why this particular word came to be associated with employee compensation, the most likely explanation is simply that it was a convenient descriptor for a significant aspect of business expenditure.