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Dynamics NAV-powered companies will be able to take advantage of more than 1,000 data touch points.

The Redefine Solutions integration platform allows for automatic, bi-directional data exchange between business platforms, cutting out manual data entry processes and data duplication, at the same time decreasing the number of costly mistakes. This automated data integration can be carried out over numerous touch points to simplify crucial business processes. A Redefine Solutions end-to-end integration solution allows sales orders, inventory levels, product information, shipping updates, and consumer data to flow smoothly between systems, leading to happy consumers and effective operations.

Key Features

  • Bi-directional, automated data integration between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and linked business platforms and trading partners
  • Take advantage of your Dynamics Nav Business Central data and business logic (in real-time) to improve your online store capabilities.
  • A fully-managed solution with connectivity, data translation, and compliance all handled in the cloud; no on-premise software required
  • Get rid of manual data entry and prevent costly errors
  • Boost the speed of data exchange, enhancing customer care performance
  • Decrease deployment time by making use of turnkey integration solutions
  • Shared business rules which replace the necessity for mapping

How It Works

  • Purchase Orders

    Automatically update both purchase order change requests and purchase order acknowledgments, providing you with real-time purchase order data always.

  • Product Data

    With ERP-driven, integrated e-commerce system, you'll be able to ensure up-to-date product data, get rid of duplicate data, and thus significantly decrease technical as well as operational costs.

  • Customers

    A unified view of your consumers, and straightforward inventory management throughout channels

  • Shipment Updates

    Automatically update advance ship notices in real time.

  • Inventory

    Take advantage of your Dynamics NAV ERP’s inventory management features to let your consumers know precisely the things they will be able to buy, in what quantity, and when out-of-stock items are going to be available.

  • Pricing

    An integrated e-commerce platform makes sure that your online store visitors will be able always to see up-to-date information along with real-time inventory levels because they get registered in your ERP system.

  • Orders

    An integrated B2B e-commerce platform allows you to successfully take care of your orders in a single system by processing orders directly in your company's ERP.

Our Integration core modules gives you powerful results with simple and intuitive features.
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