Legacy Modernization & Migration Services - Get moved over quickly and seamlessly
Our data migration services will assist you in moving to your new platform without losing any data or interrupting your operations.
Safe & Secure
Safe, secure, and worry-free software migration for businesses of all sizes.
Technical Support
Make your business more efficient with our technical support software service
Increased Traffic
Migrate your business to our software and see an increase in traffic.
One Stop Solution
Migrate to the latest software versions quickly with our thorough solution.
Stay ahead with Redefine’s Legacy App Modernization Services 
To make business progress in the new-age, constant change is necessary. With our legacy app modernization services, we upgrade your existing digital system. Upgrading your system as per the latest technological advancements makes you ready for future business opportunities.
Reduce risks and handle new-age IT challenges with ease
Help your business adapt to new technologies easily with Redefine's legacy modernization services. We reduce risks on your system using tested cloud-based security measures. Besides, with our legacy system, you will be able to integrate other legacy and IT systems leading to better performance and stability.
Secure Platform Migration Process 
First, with our modern auto-assessment tools, we provide you with migration suggestions and create a plan as per your data management requirements. Based on this, Redefine's experienced developers securely migrate your current system to a more stable and reliable cloud environment without any loss of data.
Simplify the business process with automation
We help you to streamline your workflows, simplify business operations and automate your time-consuming repetitive tasks. We do this with the help of extensive knowledge of web services, DevOps, APIs, and the experience of our experts. We will deliver a future-proof legacy solution that makes your business run in auto mode.
  • Software migration is transferring information from an old system to the new one. This process is often used when you upgrade your operating system or switch to a different database. In both cases, you want to move the data from the old machine to the new one. You can do it manually or automate the whole procedure. With a successful migration, you can avoid downtime, ensure compatibility across different systems, and reduce costs.

    There are several types of data migration depending on whether the data is being moved from an outdated system to a cloud or vice versa. The most important thing during the migration process is ensuring everything goes smoothly. If something does go wrong, you might end up losing some data.

    Data migration software helps you move data from one system to another. This includes moving databases, tables, columns, rows, etc., from one system to another. Some of the most common examples are database migrations, table migrations, column migrations, row migrations, etc. These migrations can help you migrate data from one source to another.
  • Most people wonder why they're planning to move their systems. There are several reasons behind it. One of them is saving money. If you run a small business, you know how much money you spend on hardware and software. You don't want to spend too much on what you already have. Another reason is reducing risks. When you have multiple servers, you have to worry about the security and performance of each one. With fewer servers, you can focus on just one server and pay attention to its performance.

    Another reason is to reduce the complexity of managing IT infrastructure. Many companies are running into problems with managing their servers and applications. They have to deal with different operating systems, versions, and platforms. This makes things difficult for both the admins and developers. By consolidating everything into one machine, you make management more effortless.

    In addition, migrating your data can help you save time. Instead of manually transferring files from one computer to another, you can do it automatically. Also, the move is usually made without interrupting the work of employees. So, it doesn't take long to complete the whole process.