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You're not the average company. You have a unique set of problems and we create custom software to solve them for you!
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Our software is designed to help you achieve your desired outcomes.
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Get the most out of your software with our reliable team of developers.
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Our software is designed to make your life easier.
Speed up your workflow with our client-friendly custom-developed software.
Customized to fit your business needs
A custom software solution from our team of experts will take the burden off of your shoulders. We'll work with you to understand your specific needs and then design and build a software package that is tailored just for you. You'll see an increase in efficiency and productivity in your business as soon as we roll out the new software.
Get more out of the products you have today
Our CRM was designed with your users in mind. We've made the interface easy-to-use so you can get up and running quickly. And, we'll continue to scale the software as your business grows.
Work with experienced developers to get the solution you need
We want to partner with you to understand your specific needs in order build a tailored solution. Furthermore, we provide extended support and maintenance for your custom software application so you can have peace of mind that your investment is protected.
Access to our team of experts
Our team of experts offers ongoing support and maintenance for your software. We'll keep your software up-to-date and compliant with industry standards, so you can focus on running your business.
Need Help with “Main Topic”?
Smarter, streamlined time tracking for any type of business. Track work hours, set limits, and get detailed timesheets to review and approve with one simple tool.
Shopify Theme Development
Track the work time your workforce spends on every project and task.
Shopify Marketing
Record employee’s work time and view online timesheets to optimize your workforce’s performance.
Shopify App Development
Dig into over 17 different time reports on your workforce’s work.
Shopify Speed Optimization
Track the work time your workforce spends on every project and task.
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Record employee’s work time and view online timesheets to optimize your workforce’s performance.
Shopify Conversion Audit
Dig into over 17 different time reports on your workforce’s work.
ARIHANT is a complete inventory management system with access to 6000 items for sale, anytime, anywhere.
Astute Healthcare
Astute Healthcare: the ERP system that has helped over 1000 companies grow in the UK.
C4 Partner App for App Store in BC
C4 Partner’s job of accounting made easier with an automated ERP system.
Casper Pharma
Casper Pharma will Eliminate manual work and save time with Tree View.
Crown Hill Packaging
Crown Hill will make your brand stand out from the crowd.
Duty free Retail Chain
Duty Free Retail Chain the latest technology to increase productivity and efficiency.
Half Price Drapes
Redefine Solution Helped Half-Price Drapes in Customizing Store Pages to Their Exact Specifications
Jay Chemicals
Jay Chemicals reaching global goals with NAV’s web-based portal.
Kilitch Healthcare
Kilitch Healthcare is streamlining their business processes with a high-quality ERP system.
KYB Conmat
KYB Conmat your partner for a better tomorrow.
Manzi Valley
Manzi Valley is there to manage all your inventory with Redefine Dynamics NAV.
Motif Engineering
Motif Engineering has the first and only fully integrated warehouse management software.
NAHAR sells an inventory tracking and production management system.
New Health UX / UI
Redefine Solution Helped New Health With innovative UX / UI Redesign
Nish Group
NISH Group has improved their operations to be more efficient and profitable.
Parsons Kellogg
Parsons Kellogg Gains the Ability to Track Inventory in Real Time.
Phoenix Flexibles
Phoenix Flexibles export products to other countries and are working on environmentally friendly packaging
Pima Controls
Pima Controls gains access to 8,000+ items without having to change their processes.
Raw Edge
Raw Edge productivity has increased with the use of a new software system.
Roechling Engineering Plastics
Automation of repetative task for Roechling Engineering gained then success in business.
Sales India
Sales India gains a fast response time leading to new customers.
Stress Tool For Leading Retail Travel Chain
Stress Tool is a dynamic company with unlimited prospects.
Swan's revolutionary pricing model and intuitive system make it the perfect partner for any business.
TLT Engineering Air Oil Flaregas
TLT Engineering saved their time with a proper project management system.
Transpek is helped by getting a increase in their production capacity, reduce duplication of work and manual labour.
UPCNet Spain
UPCNET was helped to automate ERP system in order to save time and reduce errors.
Varmora improves their customer service as well as save time on paperwork.
  • Custom software is designed specifically for you. It is built around your needs and requirements rather than someone else’s ideas of what you might want. This allows you to tailor the product to meet your exact specifications.

    Such software can be developed in an agile development process, allowing for changes to be incorporated throughout the project. This can include adding functionality, changing the look and feel, or even making minor technical adjustments.

    This software is often used within large organizations with many stakeholders involved. It helps ensure that everyone understands the end goal of the project.
  • Customized software includes many different types of applications and programs that meet the unique requirements of businesses. These include custom accounting systems, CRM solutions, ERP packages, payroll management tools, marketing automation platforms, CRMs, project management suites, customer relationship management, eCommerce solutions, inventory tracking, supply chain management, HRMS, human resources administration, financial reporting, data entry, manufacturing control, and many others.

    The main advantage of customized software is that it allows companies to develop a solution that meets their exact needs and eliminates the need to search for a product that might not fit perfectly into their existing infrastructure. This type of software is usually much less expensive because it requires fewer features than standard products.
  • Custom software development can be expensive and take longer than expected. Off-the-shelf solutions are usually cheaper and quicker to implement. However, you should always consider the following factors when deciding whether to develop your software or use an existing solution:

    Development Cost and Time
    If you decide to build your software, it will likely require significant time and money. You might even spend more on custom software than you originally budgeted. On the other hand, if you decide to use an off-the-shelf solution, you could save money upfront and avoid having to pay for additional staff resources.

    Other Staff Costs
    You’ll probably spend less time managing your system if you use an off-the-shelf solution because there won’t be a team of developers working on your project. In addition, you don’t have to worry about hiring people to manage the implementation process. If you decide to hire someone else to help you out, you’ll have to factor their salaries into your overall budget.

    System Efficiency
    A custom software solution will provide better performance than an off-the-shelf one. This is because you can design the software exactly how you want it. For example, you might be able to add extra features to the program without needing to make changes to the underlying code. As a result, you’ll be able to achieve greater levels of functionality and efficiency.
  • Custom software development is essential because of its many advantages over off-the-shelf solutions. Some organizations develop their custom software because they want greater control over their systems' design, implementation, and maintenance. Here are four reasons why custom software development is essential.

    Efficiency: Custom software is designed to address an organization's unique requirements. This means you don't have to spend time tinkering with existing packages or buying multiple versions of similar products.

    Scalability: As your business grows and changes, so can your software. You'll never run out of space or resources again.

    Designer/developer input: When developing a custom solution, designers and developers can work together to ensure that the system meets your needs. They can suggest how the system could be improved, such as adding features or changing functionality.

    Future-proofing: If you're working with a vendor, you might find yourself locked into a contract that doesn't allow you to change vendors. With custom software, however, you retain ownership of the code and can update or replace it whenever you wish.
  • Software development projects take approximately three to nine months to complete. This includes both the planning and execution phases. Each phase of the SDLC requires a certain amount of time — some longer than others. But what exactly does it mean to build a custom software application? Let’s break down the stages of a typical custom software development cycle and see how long each one typically takes.

    Requirements Gathering
    The initial step of any software development project is to gather requirements. These specifications are needed to design and develop a solution that meets client needs. For example, you might need to determine whether a product is web-based or desktop based, mobile or tablet-optimized, etc. To scope the project correctly, you must understand your client's goals and objectives.

    Once the requirements are gathered, you’ll need to start designing the system. This involves creating wireframes, flowcharts, prototypes, and mockups. A designer creates visual representations of the final product, including screens, forms, and navigation elements.

    After the designs are completed, you’ll begin coding. Programmers write code that makes the software work. They use programming languages such as Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and many others. Depending on the app being developed, the programmer may use frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone, EmberJS, Knockout, SproutCore, or React.
  • There are many different types of software, and each type has a unique set of features and functions. Some software programs are simple, while others are complex. While some software is easy to use, others require extensive training. The size of the software program you want to develop, how complicated it is, and what functionality you want it to provide determine the cost of developing your software.

    The average cost of custom software development depends on several factors, including the number of screens or pages, complexity, and whether or not the project requires programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. However, the project's scope is the most critical factor in determining the cost of custom software development.