Sales India gains a fast response time leading to new customers.
Sales India is one of the leading Retailers in the Electronics Chain. Sales India used an in-house developed ERP system that had many flaws and wasn't integrated with other parts of the business. Redefine Dynamics developed a Custom Web POS Application with Web Services for Sales India, which helped them save money by not paying licensing fees.
  • One of the largest electronics retailers in India with 40+ retail stores.
  • Sales India's products are available in every city across India.
  • Reputable international brand.
  • Best customer service and experience.
  • Wide variety of products to choose from at any store.
Sales India was previously using an in-house developed ERP system with many flaws and wasn't integrated with other parts of the business. The lack of integration made it difficult for users to make changes. They would also be changing transactions from different areas, which is problematic because some might not have been updated yet.
Major Inventory, Financial Reporting & MIS were all tedious and lengthy to complete in Excel. This was a time-consuming process that had many errors.
With daily invoices being processed, the legacy system could not keep up with performance and left users frustrated. The team felt they could not make effective on-the-fly decisions because of a lack of real-time reporting.
The need for prompt response time was no secret in this competitive industry, so they invested in an enhanced Customer Support system that could help them meet their goals of providing quick responses. They were not able to create and manage various offers as per their Business and Market Requirement.
When customers go to electronics stores, they are bombarded with a lot of products. They're never sure which one is the best for them and it can be difficult to find what you need when there are so many options.
Founder, Sales India
While struggling with their challenges, Sales India was looking for a dynamic company that could upgrade its ERP system. They approached Redefine Dynamics to help them deal with their issues. We developed a Custom Web POS Application with Web Services, which shared seamless shopping transactions at all their stores.
The Web application Redefine created allowed Sales India to save time and money on licensing fees due to the project being completed at an affordable price. With the 3-tier installation of the ERP System in all 35 stores, they could do transactions seamlessly without any delay. The user had access to the required information simply by logging in remotely from Laptop, Desktop, Mobile Phone, and Tablet.
We developed a Complaint Management Module that was integrated with the Sales module. The Auto Generation and E-Mailing of Installation and Warranty data to vendors made it easier for concerned teams in After Sales Service & Complaint Management. A configurable Offer Management Module enabled them to manage their offer based on the branch, product, and duration.
After successful implementation, we integrated their ERP System with an E-Commerce platform. Power BI Implementation was done to get live Business Dashboards that could give real-time information and the status of the business.
In this age of online shopping, customers have a lot more options and can be picky about their purchases. It's hard to keep up with the demand for excellent service and product quality.
Senior Director, Sales India
With the up-gradation in the system Sales India, today is one of the leading Retailers in the Electronics Chain with the presence of over 40 retail stores and annual revenues exceeding 25 Cr. They are India's largest consumer electronics retailer, making it easier to find desired tech products at any store in every city across India.
A multinational company with independent locations across the globe, and all managed from their headquarters in Ahmedabad. Gujarat’s leading retailer of electronic products and again one of the reputed brands in the retail industry has grown exponentially over the past few years.
Redefine Dynamics created an entirely new brand identity for Sales India using modern fonts and colors that would appeal to younger audiences as well as older demographics who prefer classic designs over trendy ones. This helped us keep all of our current customers while attracting new ones by making ourselves seem more accessible and relatable
Digital experience manager, Sales India